By meganisabella - 11/03/2012 09:15 - United States

Today, I went driving for the first time. I made it twenty miles to my step mom's house, and didn't stop until I was inside the garage. Too bad the garage door was closed when I got there. FML
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I guess the Force wasn't with you.

perdix 29

Usually, the first lesson in Driver's Ed is operating the brakes. So much for home-schooling!


I guess the Force wasn't with you.

I'm curious as to if you have a license yet...

stevenJB 25

Not a bad time to use that just don't match this FML opinion.

Well, the force of the car was what impacted the garage so hard.

Clearly Op revealed her teleportation powers accidentally so instead of opening the door the car just poofed inside the garage. Darn, now you have to do superhero work.

kevsnev 7

I'm getting my permit soon... Driving sounds scary :(

Driving is a lot more fun than scary...unless you really have no clue what you're doing, and in that case you shouldn't be driving anyways.

F your life? Look at what you did to the poor garage door! He's gonna need years, YEARS, of therapy to recover from this!

JayBear14 11

Do stepmothers really get that evil that people feel its necessary to drive through their garage door?

20 miles, and no stop sign?? Somethings fishy.

pwnman 33

I love you

well to get into it, usually people open the garage door.. good effort, maybe next time champ.

Really? I never knew that Captain Obvious :O!

auntiemomma 0

who the fuck are you to judge? you're a fucking potato.

She looks like she has some weird medical condition....

#2 stop commenting on things you wouldn't even know about. You look incredibly young and probably don't even know how to operate a car yourself. They probably hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. It happens.

viper64 10

Agreed 66. If people really act in real life like they do on the Internet, I'd like to insert this line from Spaceballs: "Oh, sh*t, there goes the planet."

chels1994 11

Shit happens.. you wouldn't know because you don't drive yet, but it's not hard to make stupid mistakes

It looks like you're saying your username in your photo.

Your step mom will love the new design of her garage!

A perfectly car shaped hole, meaning you never have to open the door again! Yes, what a simply wonderful design.

I was being sarcastic :D

Truth is op was not trying to redesign the garage. They thought their step mother was in the garage.

You just drove into the garage with it's door closed??

How about trying the brakes?

perdix 29

You answered your own question with a question? Don't you find that odd? Isn't talking to yourself a sign of insanity? And, whatever happened to declarative sentences? Doesn't it seem these days that everything's a question?

TheDrifter 23


RedPillSucks 31

C... C... C... Combo breaker!!!

JurassicHole 5

You daft in the head?

Combo breakers are fuckin' awesome!!! Too bad the joke is lost on most people...

perdix 29

Usually, the first lesson in Driver's Ed is operating the brakes. So much for home-schooling!

isn't looking up also one??? OP wasn't probably even looking in the direction they were going in...

Yes because people normally don't look where they're going while driving. -__-

ummm then wtf is a crash then 42?

Crash: v. 1To make a loud sudden noise. 2To cause a collision between two objects.

stevenJB 25

Garage doors are did you not see it :(

It just came out of nowhere man! I mean I just looked up and poof there was a garage door!

stevenJB 25

Sadness :( :p

myoukei 31

so you're saying you drove twenty miles without knowing of the existence of breaks? where do you live, because in my country, if you don't stop for lights, stop signs, little old ladies, and garage doors, you don't get your license... :/

Op knows how to use the breaks. They didn't see the door, so they didn't realize there was a need to break.

OP shouldn't have been trying to drive 20 miles on her first time driving

desireev 17

777777771- How can one not see a garage door?! Please explain that to me! The LOGICAL explanation of this scenario is that OP was unaware of the pedals and where they are. Alot of first time drivers make that mistake. And, not to mention, OP had to have known the garage door was there! It is OPs step-mothers house. I'm sure OP has been there many times before! They are aware of the garage door! If one cannot, truly, see a garage door, there are some severe problems that need to be taken care of! Please, for the love of God, read the comments you are replying to! You sound so silly!

I forget even my house has a garage door, mainly because we don't use it. OP may have failed at using the brakes then realised after they heard the sounds of a garage door being forced open that it was too late. Bless.

Did you use the break?

If they did would they have gone through the garage door?

nkipp33 7


Guessing that, rather than being "unaware" of the brakes, this was a case that, unfamiliar with the peddles, OP hit the gas instead of the brake. Car goes flying forward, you slam down even harder what you believe to be the brake. Easily done when you're unfamiliar with peddle positions, though it does highlight how worthwhile it is to learn through a driving school with dual controls should it ever come to that.

It had nothing to do with op not being able to break. If op had seen the door, then op would have used the breaks. Why does no one get this?

ssnowywinter 0

27- did you even read the comment you replied to?

I never had that problem, but I lost the gas before in driving school. I have no idea where it went, my foot just hit the floor. Than a couple seconds later it was back, right where I was checking. Also in drivers school, I got my foot caught in that wire that leads to the passenger break when I was trying to go for the break pedal.

54, the bow is most certainly where it's at. And I you don't row bow side, you're doing it wrong... Bow/ 3 seat pride. It's in response to the profile if anyone thinks I'm just rambling.

What are you correcting 109? Don't be a spellcheck nazi.

How did you not see a big garage door? YDI

KiddNYC1O 20

It was her first time driving. A number of things could have gone wrong that caused her to go through the garage.