By Anonymous - United States - Katy
Today, I went downstairs early in the morning to watch a movie. As I walked into the living room and reached for the light switch, I heard my dad say "Knew you'd change your mind. Get them panties off." followed by the sound of a zipper being undone. I've never been so mortified in my life. FML
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  Jflowers9296  |  14

It's her father!!!!!! Where did you think that would be appropriate or funny?

  B1ackthesun  |  31

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  cmchappy  |  25

Got all scientific to look smart oh the irony

  deathshead  |  19

I dont know about 66, but the thing that makes sarcasm hard for me is that its not being verbally said and im always "sarcastic" weither I axtually am or not.

By  jessie841  |  11

Wow that must have been awkward... Sorry you had to deal with your dad mistaking you as your mom. But I am curious as to what you did... I think we need a follow up!

By  Amydervaux  |  20

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