By mark - 06/06/2010 23:48 - United States

Today, I went downstairs after a family argument. The front door was kicked in, the sink faucet was snapped off, and there were broken plates all over the kitchen floor. I later found out that the argument was over who left the refrigerator door open. FML
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I pray for your safety.

Good me Captain Obvious, but someone is in dire need of some anger management before someone else gets badly hurt!


At least they didn't beat your ass.

Your family has anger managment problems don't they?

well you do live in massachusetts. what do you expect? bahaha

wow your family has anger issues

well we are cooling the house with the fridge... sooo fuck it!! let's cool the outdoors too, and end water the house!

Lol just close the fridge door. Simple. My fridge beeps at me after a couple minutes if it is still open. Which sucks because i usually spend longer trying to find something good to eat lol

Let me guess that was a good day at your house?

wow that's a pretty high tec fridge kfrizzle

You have a EPIC family! They would make a great reality show, but what title would do them justice???

Tv show could be called "Crazy Fridge Family"?

NO pun intended??? ;/

I think it was a party because the celtics won

That family should use paper plates.

Question: Why hasn't FML made like a chat forum, it would be much more convenient for the people who stray away from the fml and the ones who actually comment on it.

I've asked them twice and they just said it's been suggested before and they are currently not working on a forum :| No idea why, but it's their website and threadjacking is a problem (who would do such a thing) that could be partially solved by making a forum

Oh god 32 wins. So damn funny.

this is more of a WTF than a FML

I can make an unofficial forum if you guys would join...(just so I don't waste my time)

it would have been better if it said, " it was me" at the end

in soviet russia door close you ! ... nevermind

Family needs Xanax !!

OP did you leave it open

Woww... Mes thinks you should move!!(:

my family had one of those moments after my dad accidentally put yogurt in his burger (mistaken for mayonnaise).

i bet it was you!

12 f u I live in Massachusetts we aren't all crazy

Well electricity is expensive nowadays!

Lol not quite first on this one =P

Ohhh Dearr ha. Definately something to brake a door, & plates over right? ((:

It was the cat! OMG!!!!!!! Worst timing ever flood protection

haha did it thwart your chances for #1?! and apparantly 10 comments apart is flooding.... ty for telling me AFP

Feel free to threadjack in thuh SOTY house >.>

Whooo! Threadjack partay! ;)

Obvious threadjacker is obvious... In SOTY's house :)

^^^ Obvious Newbie is not obvious Only my skill could pick it up Threadjacking is an art, I could brag about something but it would be detrimental to my account, so I won't say anything

I forgot, bears fans need things repeated Jay Cutler blows bamboo nuts Jay Cutler blows bamboo nuts Wrong thing? o sry You just seem new to threadjacking, how may I help you?

Haha right-o about Jay Cutler :D He did blow bamboo nuts last season.. but hey that was last season. Yes, I'd like the number for Jack-My-Thread; Would you happen to have it?

(606) 110-02 What about Favres numbers last season? Barely threw more TDs than Cutler threw picks Might as well have poles with baskets on them instead of the POS recievers you guys have

Thank you, kind sir. And yes, yes I agree completely. Also, where the hell was the defensive line? Once Urlacher got hurt, things disintigrated. Tsk, tsk.

Indeed, glad I can actually find a handful of normal bears fans who don't just talk shit on IKR on the defense, you guys traded an arm and a leg for a saviour who has no supporting cast Julius Peppers isn't suddely going to double your sacks this year, or make your starters any younger

Meh, I'm from Chicago, born and raised. We're used to disappointment by now, what's the argument really?

No arguements really, just jeering each other about our teams, moreover the bears than the vikes

Fair enough. My mind is all over the Blackhawks right now anyways :P

*props* go hawks never thought I'd see the day I'd cheer for a Chicago team

Been a fan for a few years now. I love Chicago, but man the teams kills me (all leagues) I'm a Cubs fan so the Sox winning meant nothing to me :P Not sure where you're from but love the support.

Exactly SOTY, we spent big money for him, so he better produce and not come back to bite us in the ass.

my dad had one of those moments after the accidentally put yogurt in his burger (mistaken for mayonnaise).

sounds like you should have gone downstairs earlier, you missed a good time.

Good me Captain Obvious, but someone is in dire need of some anger management before someone else gets badly hurt!

I pray for your safety.

sounds exactly like my family!

rasberry cheesecake for you!!!!

OP I'm sorry. That argument was simply (Puts on sunglasses) Smashing! YEEEEAAAAHHHH!

I believe we have a winner.

Golly Jee Willikers what do I win? :D


You win a CAKE!!! :D Aren't you a lucky bastard!

someone call dr phill!!!!

pshhh, truth is they just threw a big party and OP just thought they were fighting :p they are HAPPYYYYY