By tessamarque - 05/04/2012 15:07 - United States - Bartlesville

Today, I watched my cat walk to her litter box, look at it, then walk across the room to pee on a backpack. FML
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That stinks. It's quite a cat-astrophe indeed.

Have u cleaned it lately ?


That stinks. It's quite a cat-astrophe indeed.

Cat pee is one of the worst smells that is extremely difficult to remove - even with Febreze. It's like a skunk's musk. FYL, OP.

Your cat just trolled you..

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Sulfur (lit matches) will get the smell out

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Pussies are out of control nowadays..

Cat pee is gross, but I think cats are AWESOME. Thumb me down all you want.

It's the Ammonia in it that makes it smell so bad

I'm eating with my dad :D

Thanks for sharing

Have u cleaned it lately ?

How is the letter "u" supposed to clean a litterbox? Sorry, worst joke ever, I know! I just couldn't help myself!

49- For your joke to be grammatically correct, the comment would have to be 'has u cleaned it lately'

There are various reasons cats will pee outside their box. Bladder problems, if it isn't clean, or if they're in heat. If the box was clean I would suggest taking it to the vet to get it checked just on case. I had a cat that peed everywhere before we managed to get her fixed, so it might not be anything bad.

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The litter box, the kitty or the backpack? -stalker:)

smart cat LOL!

Would it be smart if I pissed on all of your stuff?

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How is it smart for a cat to pee on a backpack? You obviously don't own a cat.... Cus last time I checked, backpacks shouldn't smell like urine.

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42, stfu obiousy it was a joke!! have to take everything to the ass!!


100- a joke that is absolute shit. Start your last sentence with "I", and then it makes more sense.

baybeegirrrl95 5

Try a different litter

cradle6 13

Cats don't give a damn.

andrewl12 0

Neither do honey badgers

Look at that sleepy fuck

HEhe!!!!! To the honey badgers!!

And that's when you pick that cat up, rub his face literally into his pee, all while yelling at how much of a bad cat he is. Because that shit would not fucking fly in my house.

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Cute! Either train your cat or clean it. Cats always like their litter box clean.

Yes... Thats so cute

But...but...but you're a bird. How would you find a CAT doing something like that...cute? In the words of a famous lawyer: Now that does not make sense

Maybe hes tired of "doing the mainstream thing". Hes a cat-hipster.

CalCommando 6

mainSTREAM, as in a stream of piss. Derp.

that sucks. cat pee stains are really hard to get out

and they smell worse than sulfur mixed with rotten eggs

Are you a catnip dealer?

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That would piss me off!

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Time to get out the shotgun

KiddNYC1O 20

Animal cruelty is NOT tolerated.

bertman21 5

It's not cruelty it's death.

125- ever thought that 27 was joking?

Ever think that even joking about it isnt funny?

125 Ever think he's talking about the guy who made the horrible pun?