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  crazycatlady5  |  30

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  deviable  |  19

There are various reasons cats will pee outside their box. Bladder problems, if it isn't clean, or if they're in heat. If the box was clean I would suggest taking it to the vet to get it checked just on case. I had a cat that peed everywhere before we managed to get her fixed, so it might not be anything bad.

  natsaysheyyy  |  27

And that's when you pick that cat up, rub his face literally into his pee, all while yelling at how much of a bad cat he is. Because that shit would not fucking fly in my house.


Today, the guy I made cookies for, spent hours getting ready for, and drove 3 hours in traffic to see never actually wanted me to come. When I knocked on his door, he opened it, but immediately closed it in my face. He then texted me saying, "I met someone else." FML

By Caligirl1996 - / Tuesday 9 June 2015 06:10 / United States - Long Beach

Today, I went to my girlfriend's house to celebrate our 4-year anniversary with a shadow box I had made for her of our memories over the years. I left her house single, with a small bag of "breakup candy." FML

By zeeman2015 - / Tuesday 27 October 2015 13:32 / United States - Austin
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