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Grandma strikes again!

I need to know the story behind this one...


Grandma strikes again!

With her walking stick of doom!

And her dentures of death!

and her drawn out storytelling!

And her purse of agonizing pain.

And her hate for kids on the grass!

That's awesome!!! Elders: 1 Youngs: 0

And her old mints that expired in the 50's!

curious as to why she beat the shit out of him

I'm wondering if this is the same granny who went out scaring kids in a bobo mask

And her clown car of a granny purse!

Alright guys these jokes are going downhill.......just like grandma's sanity!

\ 28

#66 And her reproductive capacity.

Dont mess with the elderly. If they can't win with their fists..... they have canes, walkers and electric scooters. Plus a healthy case of DILLIGAF.

I would like to know why somebody beating up another is apparently funny. I really think it's disgusting that so many people's reactions are 'your grandma is awesome' and immediately assume the dad deserved to get beaten up, whilst if it was the poster's grandpa beating up his mom, there'd be an outcry. How many commentors actually see the dad as a victim? Violence should never be funny.

#92 Boo you stink

omg Lmao!

#92 I partially agree with you on the fact that the father could well have been victim and its too bad people always jump to conclusions in situations like these. but you gotta admit, violence can be pretty damn funny

I love your picture lmao btw this needs a follow up

Don't forget her poison gas attacks. Yeah Grandma can produce her own airborne poison.

Is OPs grandma named betty white?

Bad Grandma. That should be the next Jackass movie lol

OP's Dad deserves it for being a weakling.

I've heard someone say no son can ever beat their father.. but no son can beat their mother? im sure if he tried he would have hurt her :p

Haha #74, have you seen that granny in Madagascar the cartoon? I doubt if anyone will beat her.. Lol

lmao true! shes an animal herself :P

The zoo is a very dangerous place.

Super Granny!!! I hope your dad writes an FML about it.

Wtf gramma?! Can we get some context please, Op?

1. I hope this is not a family tradition for your sake 2. I hope your mom did not witness grandmas ass-whoopin techniques 3. Good luck OP

The zoo brings out the animal inside of everyone

I need to know the story behind this one...

I could only assume the dad is a 'son in law' and was being an ass to OP's grandma. She got tired of it,went on a rage, and kicked his rude ass. But that's just my guess.

Allow me to tell you the story. It was a hot day wherever they were, the zoo they thought. Perfect place to visit on this weather. A lot of boring story later, they reach said zoo, everyone was having such a great time at the zoo. But not grandma. She knew what her son had always wanted to do. She knew it all her life, never being able to understand why... Her son would furiously try to get it on with the baboon every time he went to this zoo. As he was making his way to jump over to finally meet his dream grandma stepped in and said "You shall not PASS" she hit him with everything she had, which wasn't much but it was enough for her son to change his mind. This was written at 6:30 in the morning by a sleepless Morgan Freeman.

Please give me 15 seconds of my life back..

Sounds like a kick-ass story.

26 that was soo ridic

Not all in-laws are rude dumbass

never mess with grandma!

That would make a great exhibit at the Zoo

and on your left you'll see primates in their natural habitat.

Should have picked the shit up and flung it at her

I hate to break it to you but, that's not even funny...

But the grandma beating the shit out of the father is funny? Riiiiiiight...

It's a comment thread on FML...I hate to break it to you, but I don't care. Also, the comma goes before the word "but"

I hate it when that happens!

... Why do you makenitnsoumd like it's a frequemt occasion? I'm kinda concerned..

34- Pretty sure she's being sarcastic.

#34 let's spellcheck after writing a comment. And in you case, buy a fucking dictionary.

Hopefully he had a good reason..

OP's grandmother beat up OP's dad not then other way around

I read it like she beat him at "the zoo", like how you would beat someone at "cards". Your grandma is really good at "the zoo", there's nothing to be ashamed of....

No, the place where there is lions, tigers and bears.