By awkwardsituation - 11/07/2010 08:05 - United States

Today, I watched a stray dog hump a garden gnome in my front yard. So did my two year old daughter. I've already had to stop her "re-enactments" twice. FML
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it's the next travelocity commercial

YDI for having an easy garden gnome.


oh man. how sucky. FYL

Agreed. I guess that dog was very lonely!

atleast she didn't try to do that to a stranger.

YDI for having an easy garden gnome.

Kids will do anything for a laugh.

kids nowadays they start younger and younger * tisk tisk*

"it looks like" *takes off shades* "your life isn't the only thing that got fucked." BWAAAAAHHH!

daughter win.. wait till she does it at school :)

40, you messed it up :L

hahahahhahathats kinda adorable!!!:P but creepy? hahahhahaha shell grow out of it..

lol it's better than growing into it

offspring = Gnome-girl-dog. half gnome, half girl, half dog. I told you it's real. - Al Gore

I'm just trying to figure out why "re-enactments" is in quotation marks?

I didn't know the roaming gnome was such a player.

encourage her to do that to tha guests

the real question here is why do you have a garden gnome in your front yard

thrown It in the trash so easy a caveman can do it

Oh that's awkward. fractions much?

Are you sure she didn't just watch a 50 cent music video?

your my new hero :D

they grow up so fast......//hore!

Reminds me of my neice... she used to hump the bed and tell us that mommy & daddy did that together naked.haha TMI?

guess the dog was ROOTED after that

YDI for having a garden gnome in your yard *shudders*

don't do anything and let her grow up with tha habbit

She will only get over it if u BEAT IT OUT OF HER!

lmao. that's awesome

iwrestledabearonce too

that's funny.

uhhh thats gross lol

By stray dog, do you mean the father of your child? You know they say like father, like daughter. Or is it: Monkey see, monkey do?

sourgirl I read ur bio ( as usual with everyone else) n it didnt bore me at all

sounds like ur daughters a whore already gonna have some fun years ahead

Did you really just call a two year-old a whore? Well, OP, you can hope for the best and pray she's going to turn out to be a better person than this ass clown here. It's a pretty low bar.

d00d...what a tard

iitss annoyiin wenn ppl take shiit tooo seriious here.. 9-wiin! XD haha

It may be fml but calling a 2 yo a whore even in jest is unacceptable.

It may be fml but calling a 2 yo a whore even in jest is unacceptable.

Hahahaha. Awkward.

that really sucks