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"Things were going great"? How great can diarrhea go...? Sucks for you, though. FYL.

Poor you. Are typing through puke? Or did it get cleaned out?


Ew. Groady much?

i brign a book or sometimes my nintendo ds i see how you're thinking

I typed this wigtbh mty nowse, I am ppro,,?

hey, don't hate. I'm actually taking a shit right now while replying to you using my iTouch.

LOL ur like my neice. shes 2 months old though :p


LOL you did not deserve that put, that's jsut wrong

thats whoa um wierd

Poor you. Are typing through puke? Or did it get cleaned out?

YDI all the way.

#6 how the fuck does she deserve it? cuz shes sick she deserves to get her shit owned by her own puke? nah son :)

why would you take your laptop to the bathroom.

i think the OP already explained this one, pay attention!!!!

I'm on mine in the bathroom right now. So relaxing

I used to bring my laptop into the bathroom when I knew it would take awhile. Just sitting on the toilet gets boring. Now that I have my iPod I take that instead. Lol. It's easier to relax if you have something to do.

Why would you bring your laptop in the bathroom? Where there is water and, obviously, bodily fluids. Read a book or a news paper for gods sake. Ah dear god. I feel untrooly.

thats effin sick, FYL