By Anonymous - 31/05/2009 14:55 - United States

Today, I washed my face and grabbed the towel to dry it, I felt something moving down my forehead, thinking it was a drop of water. Upon looking in the mirror, I found it hadn't been a drop of water. Unless the water drop had legs and was gooey. FML
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Gooey+legs=....caterpillar? I don't really get what it was or why it was on your head after a shower, but that's sick

But what the fxck was it!?


ewwwww. that sucks

Eugh, that's just gross! But not so bad.

But what the fxck was it!?

Are you bipolar?

omfg thats is just horrible. good protein tho :D

Oops! Apparently we accidentally swallow three spiders in a lifetime though, so try not to feel too bad. At least you didn't eat it.

ive heard 8 a year D:

Nooo.. It's like 10 spiders annually..

Spiders! The breakfast of champions.

84 and 86 are idiots. Google university doesn't count.

Ahaha, eww. That sucksss,

AHHHHFHIEHFO! omg that just makes me quiver

#5...I heard it was 7 x( OP: EWWWW that's so gross. I'm sorry!!

I heard it was 3 per night

No it's 7 a lifetime

Eeeeeew, what?! D:

Im sorry but this will probably happen to you more than once in your life. Just something nasty that happened to you.

Therefore, it is an FML.

A spider perhaps? Yummy.