By Anonymous / Thursday 6 December 2012 23:50 / Australia - Sydney
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  DespairFaction  |  11

Maybe the lady is just drunk and thought she was someplace else...or just a bitch. Illegal to pump your own gas? I really doubt that but since I'm not interested in either of those places I guess I'll never know.

By  SHAMUS_the_WITTY  |  18

I would make a "'MURICA" joke, but I'm not sure where this FML originated from (Mobile app). So I'll settle with plain stupidity on her part. FYL

  howdeedoo  |  22

It's from Australia. Proves that Americans aren't the only illiterate people in the world

By  Bakarra  |  22

Just another day at minimum wage... if I had a post for everytime a customer yelled at me for something that wasn't my fault this site would be called FBakarrasLife

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