By LibraryPedo - 26/04/2013 01:37 - United States - Chino Hills

Today, I was yelled at and called a pedophile by a mom for talking to her 5 year old girl. I work at a library and she looked like she needed help. This is the third time it has happened. FML
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Wow. Some parents are too over-protective.

Why didn't the mother join her little girl. At this age she surely needs some help in a library.


Wow. Some parents are too over-protective.

For sure screaming at someone and berating them as a pedophile is wrong but on the flip side maybe he is a truly creepy character.

OP i hope you shushed her for yelling in a library.

There is no flip side. Not defending pedophiles but no one thinks twice about the murderers that are right there out in the open.

You can never be too careful when it comes to your babies.

Erm....OP, maybe you should have gone for the username "notalibrarypaedo" instead. Good luck with that.

tell her you work there?

Uh, I'm pretty sure she's aware of that.

Maybe she wasn't aware of that. OP might not have been behind an official looking desk when he was helping the little girl. If some random stranger started talking to my daughter, I might be a bit alarmed also. Although I would handle it better than the mother did.

Why didn't the mother join her little girl. At this age she surely needs some help in a library.

Honestly, I'm just glad a parent still takes their child to the library.

She was probably off flirting with some guy

Hide yo wife, hide yo kids... Seriously, there is being careful and there is being plainly paranoid...

It's really sad that people can't just talk to kids like a regular person without being accused of being a pedophile.

And by 'people' you meant 'guys', right?

Yeah, well most pedophiles are guys, but anyway I would be watching just as closely if it were a woman spending a little too much time with a young boy.

"cos they rapin everybody up in here" long live Antoine Dobson. and autotune.

Could just as easily be a woman and a young girl as well.

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It could just be the way OP looks, it's probable that an attractive man would be less likely to be accused of pedophilia than an unattractive one so you can't blame him for looking a certain way...

Or the way he leers at the little girls and offers them candy because "they looked hungry" OP is Aqualung!!

Or it could be that you and all mothers with such paranoia watch too much damn Lifetime.

I'm pretty sure Buddy is a guy.

I think it's safe to assume he wasn't offering candy, but help to a book

While it may well be paranoia you also have to look at how many kids are raped, kidnapped or killed a year so while yes it was wrong to jump to conclusions she at least cares about her child.

But how many kids were raped/killed in a library? And I love aqualung!!!

How many is too many??

#47 that's the exact reason we get stories about children or elderly needing help and not getting it. No fucker wants to get accused or sued. Quite frankly to let your five year old wander out of sight is atrocious and the mother likely over reacted because secretly, she knew that. But FYL OP it really does make you want to bang people's heads against something and see if that knocks some sort of sense into society.

Sounds like a case of mass paranoia. People forget there are still normal people out there who aren't out to stalk their children. Fyl :(

If its happened more than once perhaps there's something about your general appearance that makes you look like a sex pest.

Lulzzz I love that name "sex pest", I can't stop laughing.

Sex pest= pedo.

Thanks, but we knew that

Well I hope the girl grows up to be more trusting than her mother...

So "librarypedo" can have his way with her?

Yea obviously cuz he's just gets off when kids ask him where certain books are...

(to the tune of Aqualung) Sitting in the library stacks.... Waiting for the girls he can attack!

You gotta love people jumping to conclusions, family is wonderful.

These days, it's like you can't pass by within 10 feet of a child, let innocently speak to one (even when doing your job) without some dumbass parent yelling at you. I understand why people want to be cautious with their children, and they should, but there is a such thing as over-reacting. We're just raising our children to be paranoid, overly-introverted and terrified of the world when making casual conversation with someone we don't know is now equated to speaking to someone with crazy eyes who is brandishing a knife (or their penis, for that matter).

Took the words right out of my mouth. People tend to agree that parents need to be less crazy but not enough people point out the negative affects this behaviour has on the children these parents are actually trying to protect. Crazy parents really need to realise that in trying too hard to protect their kids they actually risk harming them themselves.

It's not entirely the parents fault... Some of the blame lies with inept policing/governing considering "stranger danger" and other such slogans intended to inform the populace created a generation of mistrust.

Where I'm from Stranger Danger is more about teaching kids how to be safe around strangers rather than avoiding them altogether. Besides, parents can just ignore all the over-the-top crap. I dunno about you but I will base my parenting on my individual child and circumstances, not on some misused statistics.

Well said. If the person was a murderer then nothing would be sais