By MrTandy - 16/09/2011 02:38 - United States

Today, I was working when I delivered the standard "Hello, how are you?" to a customer. He took the opportunity to tell me about his deceased wife, his estranged children, and his anal tearing. After a while, I tried to help someone else, and he complained to my manager. I was written up. FML
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*sob* and my poor wife *sob* *sob* and my children are gone and... NEXT PLEASE!


Happens to the best of us, doesn't it.

2 - if you need a demonstration I can arrange that

Lmfao @ ^^ the guy above me

If you have to ask, you really don't want to know.

Yeah, the second you ignore a guy who has experienced anal tearing, shits gonna go down.

Like legit shitting^

2 - Yeah, his asshole tears up and cries for hours at a time. It's just so sad!

Sounds like he wasn't enjoying the ripping and the tearing?

Hahahahahahaha, funniest YouTube video ever! Best comment I've ever seen on this sight

I wonder if the deceased wife and estranged children have anything to do with the anal tearing?

looks like he was literally torn apart by their deaths.

Rein, Ball-Seering Pain, I meant to thumb you down.

Rein, only his wife died. Estranged does not mean dead.

Well thats a sticky situation. No pun.

It's not a "sticky situation" it's a really sad situation

Getting gum in your hair is sticky, this situation is just sad...

What do you think a pun is?

Did you just walk away from him while he was talking?!

*sob* and my poor wife *sob* *sob* and my children are gone and... NEXT PLEASE!

This is why I stopped asking that question. I just say hello and that's it

Don't ignore a guy with anal tearing.

Don't ignore, put anal tear ointment on your fingers and well insert in....