By nichaneely - United States
Today, I was working when an older lady came up to buy a coffee. Her son cried for a cup of whipped cream to snack on. She shook her head, silently telling me to say no. I said we were out. The mother took her drink and said, "I'm sorry honey, but the mean man said you couldn't have any." FML
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By  emmmilyyy  |  0

wow sounds like one of those overbearing mothers that screw up their sons by spoiling them, making it impossible for any woman to be good enough for him when he grows up. a normal mom has the backbone to say no to her child.


Actually, I'm just gunna assume the kid followed OP home.. and hacked him to death..

And OP's spirit has managed to learn how to use a key-board even though, he is not in the physical worlld, but in the spirit world.. It's alright, OP.. We have your message.. Just give us the name..

  presstik  |  0

Kriptonite if you're going to troll make it air tight, or you just look like an uneducated idiot yourself (nice capitalisation by the way).
Have a read of the FAQ:
" contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone the shitty moment which ruined their day". This clearly applies to OP.
Thanks for playing nerd.

  Terwilliger  |  0

as soon as she said that, I wouldve been like "oh look we have 20 kilos of it right here. I must have missed that... here, take it all. have this sugar and these energy drinks too."

  Veritas143  |  0

Why? I think the op is a whiney bitch.. Why do they care about what some kid thinks? They also saved a mom from having to deal with a tantrum.. Do you guys understand the concept of empathy? Obviously the op doesn't..

  Sammara  |  0

Kriptonite, I worked at a coffee shop for awhile after graduating from college EARLY with nearly a 4.0 gpa. I am now attending one of the most prestigious graduate schools in the country. Just because someone works in a coffee shop, it does not mean they are uneducated or unintelligent. What it comes down to is that shit happens and you make do. The OP could be a victim of the economy, be a student, or simply be figuring out where life is taking him.

Next time you go into a coffee shop, Kriptonite, remember they have a weird power over you. You treat them like crap, you could end up with things you didn't order--decaf, whole milk, etc.

  Malinkrot  |  3

I'm a sophomore in college and I work at the coffee shop in the library on my campus, and I have a 3.7 GPA. I wish I could be like the spoiled sorority girls who get all the money they need from mommy and daddy, but I actually have to work for it. Get a life kriptonite. People like you are the ones who say "GET A JOB!" to everyone but then act like having a part time job is for losers.


Don't hate on sorority girls--I'm the president of my sorority, I am an Economics major, and I work ~20 hours a week to make ends meet, as do many of my sorority sisters. Generalizations like that incorrectly stereotype us. I promise we're not as spoiled and bratty as you believe us to be.

  54alexandra  |  10

No, you misunderstand. The mom is a bitch because she blamed denying the kid of sweets on the OP instead of taking responsibility herself and telling her kid "no". SHE's the parent, not OP.

Plus, if the kid was going to throw a tantrum, then that's her fault as well. It all boils down to parenting.

  b108  |  0

wow, that hurt my feelings just thinking about it. NOT. seriously, I don't care what the stupid kind thinks. if you were actually upset because she called you a "mean man," then you are just... pathetic.

  tisiphone_fml  |  0

@177, while I agree its not really a FML, what would have been more appropriate is the mom following OP with, "you're not allowed to have any", instead of making it seem that the only reason he couldn't have a cup of whip cream after throwing a tantrum was that a stranger was "mean". Mom needed to show some authority instead of passing the blame off on the Starbucks guy. That's not good parenting.

  flame1819  |  0

Yeah, jennisac, you definitely have two ppl in ur pic, don't ask me how someone thought there was only one. Your also insanely hot, might i add. wanna have sex at my place sometime soon?

  nickiloo22  |  0

Wow I'm working on getting my BBA, and I hve two jobs, 3.9 gps and guess what? one of my jobs is at a coffee shop. so stop being so narrow-minded, moron. :)

  bluesclues72  |  0

you retard, the op put this up because the bitch said that thekid couldn't have any, the op said they were out anyway and the bitch tried to make it sound like she wasn't the meany. it's called reading comprehension dumbass

  Starfire22  |  5

Actually, if the mom makes it a habit to go to that cofee place all the time, yes the op may see them again. At the starbucks I frequent, they know me well and whip up my drink automatically when they see me.

  Sabre300  |  0

I hate these people that say stop working at these type of places, go to school, and get a job. obviously they never went to college and had to find some way to pay tuition, if anything those people should get out of their mom's house, go to college, and get a job. nuff said


dude if all you white American elitist fucks all get proper education and get a "real" job who's gonna cook your 1000 calorie burgers or wash your fucking laundry. obviously the correct answer is mexicans so don't worry.

  MaRs3  |  0

So what silly is trying to say that whoever speaks their own mind is trying to recieve attention. I must be the biggest attention whore then, isn't that right silly?

  ajthemistress  |  6

Although it was already said many times. I am just mentioning that I an 2 classes away from having my degree in Accounting and I work at a Starbucks. So, it is not that we that work at part time job that don't have an education. I have gone to the number one high school in the nation and a very good university. However university is very expensive. I have to pay for it somehow.

To the OP: this has happened to me as well, I do think that if the parent blames you it is a cop out but it does not hurt you. It is just poor parenting.