By Hank Gummyworm - 16/06/2011 06:37 - United States

Today, I was working the register at our local McDonald's. After a strange man left a massive order, he said, "Can I pay you in gummy worms?" FML
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sensoon15 7

should've said yes. :) gummy worms are good

I would have taken the offer. Gummy worms taste so much better than money.


sensoon15 7

should've said yes. :) gummy worms are good

Agiggleaday 0

especially sour gummy worms :)

I want to be paid in gummy worms every day!

1 I know OP should've said yes but I can't believe the customer would give up gummy worms. That's OUTRAGEOUS!

exactly how many gummy worms was he offering? you should consider the offer, might lose your job but totally worth it

you ass. gummy worms are beast

sensoon15 7

21- ahaha! I can see your point though. maybe they like McD's more....nah that's impossible.

15. yeah me too, who needs money right? pay our rent and bills with gummy worms, sweet!

iSitt 0

only if they are over chocolate pudding topped with powdered chocolate and Hershey minikisses so it looks like dirt

y u aint let him hit dat den quit dat gurl? das how he culd pay fo it

I'm not a big fan of gummy candies, but gummy worms are nice, especially sour gummy worms.

Thats legend------------ary !

Volcan_fml 22


sorry, op only accepts trident layers.

nobody pays me in gummy worms :(

Yung23 0

umm yah you look amazing just sayin

prolly cuz this is a guy

tom08 3

damn hella pretty. half viet n aus.

AnimalLover1031 8

#69 why are you using someone elses picture? -_-

I think your pic is legend-wait for it, wait for it- ary!

tweetbaby14 18

it's pretty funny how desperate people believe that FML is the new e-Harmony! :D but, OP, if you didn't want the gummy worms you could've passed them my way.

I can't believe somebody hasn't made a "gummy worm to penis" joke yet. I'll give it a try. I'll pay you with MY gummy worms! No? Aw...

guitarman1998 0

Only in America *facepalm*

QwertyMcNugget 0

No one ever pays me in gummy worms. :[

bluekid7 5

not only would I have taken the offer, but I would have also asked for employment from this genius

hunter989 0

105 beat me to it -.-

I agree there delicious.... what would you spend the money on any way

boyguydudemalema 0

what are you guys talking about? you can't pay mcdo's stuff with just gummy worms! you would need gummy bears for that, gummy worms are just worth the ketchup, if you order a ton of stuff, then you'd need gummy bears.

....were they the sour ones? Sour gummy worms=money any day

KiddNYC1O 20

Nice Trident layers reference, #145. I don't know why you were voted down...

Gummyworms? Why is this an FML?! What kind of person would pass on that deal??

OhSoBueno 0

Mrsassypants. is it mr sassypants or mrs assypants?

76- That is exactly what I was thinking!! #EpicMealTime FTW!!!!

lucy331 0

what would each gummy worm be worth in terms of U.S. currency? 1gummy worm= $1.00 ? 1 sour gummy worm = $500.00 ?

Hey, why get paid in layers? Gummy worms, you KNOW are beast, cheaper and more per bag, and were around longer... is there a word for someone who's an expert on gummy worms? haha

nah, hes waaay too smart for McD.

I just ask if I can pay in stride gum, but gummy worms sound better!

#167: where is the delicious? I hear those are a really rare species and I'd like a picture! (insert Australian accent here)

#26 it's not only sweet. They're sour to

chalmers86 0


Isn't it suppose to be, "Can I pay you in gum?" Followed by OP's co-worker looking down with a sad face while saying, "No one ever pays me in gum."

lionandthelamb61 9

Not just any gum, though. Trident Layers or no deal!

that would be pretty funny if it actually happened

give me five or give me death

midnight munchies!

it was epicmealtime!!

do it for gummy bears. way better

It's either money or trident layers. Nothing else sadly. Things to add: gummy worms gummy bears gummy orange slices all types of gum

as long as they come along with sour watermelon patches, it's a good deal :)

But Money buys you more gummy worms...

they both taste the same

boyguydudemalema 0

no, gummy worms tastes more squiggly-ish than gummy bears. gummy bears are just way better.

XxA7XKillerxX 1


Lynne2 0

gummy worms are more sour and gummy bears sent sour at all. that makes them taste worse.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Seems like a fair enough deal to me.

DrDreTheChronic 0

haha not for me I wanna get payed in money no candy

Yeah you can't buy weed with gummies...unless...!!...the seller has the munchies!!! OMG you CAN buy weed with gummies!!!! This is a triumphant discovery for the modern man!...Or pothead...

tweetbaby14 18

159, firstly, I have yet to see an actual funny comment from you. secondly, you don't smoke what you sell... that's like breeding with your own children, sick and wrong. -_- I don't even smoke and I know this, maybe, you should learn this.

tweetbaby what does smoking what you sell have anything what so ever to do what she said?

tweetbaby14 18

okay, I'll explain this to you, as simple as I can: good sellers do not get the munchies because good sellers focus on the money not being high. she said "if the seller has munchies..." implying they're smoking their supply. if you're old enough to be on FML, you should be old enough to put two and two together, buddy....

Gol-lee 206, have you never watched "Scarface" before?

Having the "munchies" can also mean a craving for snacks -.-

tweetbaby14 18

I've never heard of it used as that, and that's not how it was being used, smart guy/girl.

Yum! What a great idea.

I would rather be paid in trident layers

Jellybean2705 0

Did you call security?

absolutely! every mcdonalds has security. geez you're stupid!

Huh? The last time I checked, McDonald's didn't have security... am I missing something?

6 - Do everyone a favour and get a sense of humour.

40 - Of course they do you dummy. Who else is gonna watch out for Hamburglar when he sneaks in and steal all the cheezburgerz?!

no lol theres no security in mcdonalds I was just being an ass

Give Ronald a taser...

mcdonalds doesn't even have security dumb ass!!

Imrussian24 2

87-why the hell do you have that picture on here? I would keep that kinda stuff to myself.

113- she's only like 12 too.

113 - not to be an ass - actually yes to be an ass - because she can.

Yeah fake pic or fake birthday...

because she can doesn't make a 13 year old in that pose any less disturbing. watch out for the pedos

oh hahaha I get it now. "suh-curity" lol

I would have taken the offer. Gummy worms taste so much better than money.

toxicmurder109 4

well that seems fair how many gummy worms did u get?

What kind of gummy worms? 0___o