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Today, I was working my job at Sephora when I overheard two women talking. One of them asked her friend, "Is being pretty a requirement to work here?" Her friend turned to see me, turned back to her friend and said, "I guess not." FML
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What at all came across as witty from that statement? Or even at attempt at wit? My girlfriend drags me to the shops. What #1 said is true from my experience. Nothing was said about the make-up itself, but the women that work there. But thanks for sticking it to me?

  omghehehe  |  0

Sorry but not all MAC girls look good! Ojectivelly: Yes, some are hot/talented, but some look like "drag queens" with all that makeup. Opps, sorry (did I say that?). hehehe.... too much wine ;)

OP: ughhh... Some women, sighhh..... tisk, tisk. Catty much?? U realize they were putting u down to make them feel better right??? Toxic Bitches. Stay away. Be grounded in U. U were hired for a reason ;)

  DocWatson  |  0

I dunno, the Sephora and MAC girls in my city are all pretty normal looking. Fat, skinny, dark, light, unfortunate skin texture, beautiful skin, every combination of possible features.... but they know how to work the makeup, and they're just great people usually.

By  ugh_a_lug  |  7

at least you can think that people like them will be stuck working there forever.... and you will go far in life. those bitches will be hated because of their attitude. in the long run people mostly care about personality. :D

  redbluegreen  |  40

This is awkward, but I like it. ;D

God needs to make more appearances, yeah?
Especially ones not followed by a frowny face.

The French wink too much.
It makes me think they're keeping dirty secrets.
And they're not necessarily about bacon.

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Of course they're keeping dirty secrets. If they told you all the things they do/think about, especially those that DO involve bacon, you would implode. Or orgasm.
I agree. God needs to make more appearances. Mark his territory. Insist on having people build shrines to him. Stuff like that!

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Oh my god, you heard about it!? I thought it was my secret!
Butts, living in other time zones. Pfffft. Maybe if we took our clothes off, I would enjoy this more. I mean, they would come quicker. Go ahead. You first.

  Vitamin_C  |  0

Some places will only hire modelesque girls whereas other places chose real-looking women that a customer can relate to. I'm not saying MAC is better, I'm just saying that's their approach.

Oh and you displayed some serious wit there with your play on words.. Like the movie, right? like, oh em gee, you're so smart! *giggle*

Get bent.

  BlueberryPies  |  0

Illiteracy seems to be something you & the OP have in common. It's cute that you corrected her use of "two/to" when you yourself apparently are not privy to the "your/you're" rule.

Perhaps you should do some research before insulting others, lest you make yourself out to look like a huge douche.