By FailedSalesman - 17/12/2016 17:39 - United States - Lewisville

Today, I was working at our garage sale with my dad. I sat outside for 2 hours, talked to three people, and sold nothing. My dad came outside and got angry at me, so I told him to give it a shot. He sold 3 things to the first guy who walked in. FML
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... and let me guess: your dad is still pissed at you, isn't he?

Hmmm. I don't think your heart was really in it. I'm not buying it. XD


... and let me guess: your dad is still pissed at you, isn't he?

Hmmm. I don't think your heart was really in it. I'm not buying it. XD

You should talk to Hank Hill for some pointers

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But they're not selling propane and propane accessories.

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Good thing you're not a car salesman...right?

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Did you let the people you talk to haggle? I mean... you were talking to them about your sale items, righ? and not the weather or the intense game last night or whatever? But anyways, people who go to garage sales tend to hardcore haggle. So if you expected full asking price or had unrealistic expectations of how haggling goes then that might be why your dad sold things and you did. He maybe just let the person label the price they had in mind and just went "sure' to the price they said. I mean garage sales tend to be mostly junk anyways so getting any money from them is good. more expensive stuff should probably be sold via a different avenue like eBay or whatever. Or course my points are just hypothetical based on the little information I had. You may have just gotten three people whom wanted to check out the garage sale to see if anything catches their eye and nothing caught their eye. I don't envy the life of a salesman. Markets of any kind seem rather fickle to me at almost any time. Yard sales are definitely more a buyers market than a sellers though.. So if you were a hard ass with haggling, next time don't be. And let the customer offer first, whether you have a price label or not. And only counter of its a truly BS offer. Chosers can easily become losers c; (no I couldn't remember the idiom I wanted so I made one up lol)

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You always reply with a long ass paragraph. Please, for everyone's sake, TLDR.

Poor you, wrote a 500 word essay and everyone is voting you down

Maybe your dad is just good at catching people's interests. Don't worry OP, but it really sucks that he would get mad over you trying to do him a favor.

I was once in a similar situation, so I took a shot in the dark and told every person who stopped by that I had "Mary" tied up and would kill her unless they bought something. You'd be surprised how many people know somebody named Mary.

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Did you take notes?

He probably hired a shill to make you look bad.

I mean, it's a garage sale, some people are looking for specific things and don't need to buy your used coffee mug or old tennis shoes