By ilana - 10/02/2012 09:51 - United States

Today, I was working at my day-camp, and one of my little boys told me he had to show me something important. He proudly showed me that he'd crapped his pants. I had to wipe his ass clean. FML
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Congratulations! Did you want a prize for doing your job?

liy223 6

'Little boys' have accidents sometimes. Your responsible for him while he's with you, so doesn't that make it part of your job?


Don't be hating, he had a v8? :D

I got so excited about being the first commenter that I drew a complete blank on something to say. I just had to seize the moment though. You really can't blame the child, they probably don't have full control over their colon yet. Atleast it wasn't green diarrhea.

Do what you gotta doo-doo

iAmScrubs 19

Unless it's false advertising, I'm pretty sure a v8 doesn't make one crap their pants.

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Benabus who said "Eew that's crappy" on comment number 2? Are you an overused pun hypocrite?

Your #2 comment and 3's comment were at the same exact time

I love how much energy people put into defending themselves on fml.

Okay calm down... It's just the first thing that came to my head when I read it. You don't need to bitch me out just because I used a over used pun.

Hahahaha! But seriously, sorry OP. :/ That's a crappy situation ;)

*sigh*... how many times do we have to go through this?

ShadowlessSpear 21

It's been 3 years since then. Still happening.

Well he might consider it an achievement.

Achievement unlocked! Make my counselor's life a living hell. 50 gamerscore!

Pants shat - 15G

Don't you just love little kids?

Congratulations! Did you want a prize for doing your job?

$? Fame? Women? Shit covered hands?

You win foot to mouth disease! Thanks for playing!

pepelapew 0

Your such a douchbag doc. Go crawl in a hole and dye

I have a feeling 61 is going to be rediculed so much... And bitched out... ALOT

61 you shouldn't have set that.... Now he's going to kill you... He never forgives he never forgets....

Said* damn Autocorrect!!!

He said "crawl in a hole and DYE". Not further humiliation is needed. But what color are we dying doc?

78 I have never seen anyone kiss his ass, they find humor in his comments just like many of the other FML people here.

Pepelepew, I'm glad I was able to see your comment before the Mighty FML Deity came down off her perch on high and smote it. It seems you're still harbouring a grudge against me for something I may have said weeks ago. Just get over it, friend. Ever notice how some people call others "friend" when they actually mean "idiot"? Interesting, that.

Your comment would've been funny if you have a left out the last part You know when someone tries to explain what they meant Shit now i am doing it

Ugg, i really wish the mods leave flame wars up, its more entertaining than the fml (pretty amusing), the funny puns and comments people come up with about the fml (pretty funny), and most of all; people bashing the op because of the idiot things they do (more interesting than anything, makes most things preventable). Flame wars are pretty much the best thing on the internet. Cheap entertainment

MerrikBarbarian 9

Actually having worked day camps, it wasn't her job- that is the camp leaders job for both reasons of camp leader is paid more to deal with shit like this (no pun intended), and the camp leader has their ass covered legally with security checks- most group leaders/councellors do not based on the camps I worked at. Op could actually be charged with child molestation, screwed up as that is, because they weren't covered legally. :/

Atleast he has a clean ass :)

Kids. Always shitting on your day.

I did that when I was a kid too. Like in preschool and kindergarten. You should tell the mom to put him in diapers. It'll save his pants and it's easier to clean up for you OP.

What a crappy situation.......sorry i always wanted to make one of those lame pun comments

It's a shame you waited too long. The very people who would have made the same puns along with you are now sick to death of them.

liy223 6

'Little boys' have accidents sometimes. Your responsible for him while he's with you, so doesn't that make it part of your job?

Women cook and clean well, so does that make it their job?

Planes fly and land well, does that make it their job?

The comment didn't say anything about doing anything "well". It stated that if your job is at a kids day-camp, accidents with children are common and this is part of doing that job. There isn't anything sexist about that statement. The OP's job description includes taking care of these accidents as would any type of child care job.