By Tipless - United States
Today, I was working as a Valet driver. After getting no customers for 5 hours in the pouring rain, a woman driving by stops and asks me for directions. Before leaving, she said, "I should probably tip you for that, since that's probably the only money you'd get all night." She didn't. FML
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  nazooer  |  11

@14, The FML you're referring to is about a worker at starbucks who doesn't get tipped, this is about a Valet driver, sitting out in the pouring rain not getting any customers, giving a woman directions, and not getting tipped for it. How are they similar?

  peaceout314  |  0

It's just in a different situation. It's definitely similar though, just not identical, and all I said was that it reminded me of something, you've never been reminded of something even more random? wow

By  Flutist  |  3

The only part I think is an FML is being out in the rain. I HATE when people say, "Well I should pick that up" or "I should do this" and then don't. If you think you should but don't want to, don't mention it. Not an FML, you get a paycheck, people are not required to give you more money.

By  youguysareidiots  |  0


why would she tip you for directions? she was making a joke by noticing that you are getting no customers. It's called normal human interaction.

In this situation my:
YDI = You're an idiot