By Tipless - / Saturday 7 November 2009 05:36 / United States
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  nazooer  |  7

@14, The FML you're referring to is about a worker at starbucks who doesn't get tipped, this is about a Valet driver, sitting out in the pouring rain not getting any customers, giving a woman directions, and not getting tipped for it. How are they similar?

  peaceout314  |  0

It's just in a different situation. It's definitely similar though, just not identical, and all I said was that it reminded me of something, you've never been reminded of something even more random? wow

By  Flutist  |  3

The only part I think is an FML is being out in the rain. I HATE when people say, "Well I should pick that up" or "I should do this" and then don't. If you think you should but don't want to, don't mention it. Not an FML, you get a paycheck, people are not required to give you more money.

By  youguysareidiots  |  0


why would she tip you for directions? she was making a joke by noticing that you are getting no customers. It's called normal human interaction.

In this situation my:
YDI = You're an idiot

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