By bigmouth - United States
Today, I was working as a host at a pasta dinner. The hostess I was working with was very attractive and we were flirting quite a bit. A large woman walked in to be seated, and I leaned over to her and dared her to ask the woman if she wanted two chairs. She leaned back and said "that's my mom". FML
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yeah man that is a fuck your life and that fat bitch deserves it for being a fatty fatty fat fat oh my god i can just imagine her fat arse now eeeeeew gross what fat cunt skanky fat people make me sick they should be put down like the filthy animals they are

  ElectroBunneh  |  0

I don't get how people like #7 could be so cruel over the internet. I believe people like #7 are the ones who should be put down for their internet bullying and their down right stupidity.

  RR05  |  0

hahaha come on everybody kind of agrees with him in some way. i mean, there is nobody in there right mind who isn't sicked by a morbidly obese. they are just so awful to look at.

  SaintJimmy  |  0

Hey, I'm not saying it's not sick, I'm just saying that with that paragraph, he sounded like he might be related to this guy:

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

#8 oh god why did I find that so funny. Why.

Ahem, anyway, OP
I'm not saying FYL or YDI
My friends and I do these stupid kinds of dares all the time. We don't usually follow them through, though (lol pansies).
But, people here are in denial if they think you really are a jackass for it, because I'm sure they've all done similar things too. You just had bad luck.
Well, okay, maybe it is a jackass dare, but the point is everyone else has done it too.

  SaintJimmy  |  0

I have this feeling that you're a troll (sarcasm, I know you are), not insane. If you really mean what you say then you do need professional help. And what's up with "Sonny Jim"?


don't see how people are blaming the OP.

the lady was obese, she deserves any shit that she gets.

it's one thing to be a few pounds overweight, but no one has an excuse to be obese. no one. and it's disgusting, so if you choose to be disgusting...well, it's your fault if you are insulted by others because of it.

  RR05  |  0

couldn't agree more. it is true that people are affected by genetics. but that allows you to be a little bigger, not morbidly obese. So put down the fucking burgers, fatty!

  bbobe900000  |  0

#63 actually, some people can have an excuse. what if their parents bought/made them fatty foods all throughout their childhood. then they're obese, and I can't even imagine how hard it is to lose that weight. It was hard enough for me to lose the little bit of fat that I lost and get thin like I am now, I swear I really feel sorry for people who WERE fat in middle school and high school, as a result of parents. I have a low amount of respect for parents who don't think about their kids' health.

but if it's someone who was skin and bone in high school, and then got fat, then yeah they do deserve all the shit they get.

btw I don't understand why people actually respond to trolls. I always just say, 'that person's a troll, it doesn't even matter what they say' because... it doesn't. they aren't actually saying it as a person.

  Plumppotato  |  3

ball kicking is NEVER an appropriate response. to ANYTHING. except maybe a death threat. or a rapist. or some other extreme. otherwise, for stupid little situations, it is an overreaction and anyone that would kick a man in the testicles for a reason that isnt life threatening or something else extreme is an asshole.


So what if she's fat? People shouldn't be judged by their weight! You need to grow up and stop insulting people. ASSHOLE!

OP, that was rude, but how could you have known it was the chick's mom? So, next time, just keep your comments to yourself. LOL

  Erinxox  |  0

that is so fucking rude
and "kudos" for you for saying shit about people over the internet
and do you not realize that some people that are large can't help it
and the other ones either are trying to lose weught
or just don't care
and who are you to go around insulting people you don't even know

By  jcesom  |  0

Was is really her mom? Cause my friends and I used to do that to each other jokingly all the time. And one of them, I had never met her parents so I was never really sure if she was kidding or not.

  Dr_Know  |  0

Pretty much is, discrimination against a person based solely on their looks and the stereotypical behaviours you associate with those physical characteristics.

Maybe instead of being an ass he should have put himself in the womans shoes and tried to think about how much his thoughtless comment might hurt.

  farhil  |  14

uhhh, fat people can help it? most of the time I should add :)
and no saying, "I can't help it, I dont have a gym/gym membership", cuz that doesnt stop you from pushups, situps, dieting, and excuses for being fat

  Ludaman44  |  0

It is true. I personally try not to have a problem with fat people. I've always been pretty lean, but at the same time about 70% of the people who are considered obese blame it on genetics. Genetics play a role, and even if your "genetics" keep you from being a Tyrese Gibson look-alike why not make a healthy lifestyle anyway to make yourself look as best as you possibly can? FEEL as best as you possibly can?

  timtam24  |  0

no not the same thing if was at a job interview and i didn't get the job because i was fat, them thinking was lazy or something, well yes it wouldn't be fair, but if i didn't get it because i was black. i know which one would piss me off/ hurt more.
btw i am black and i used to be fat