By drano - 02/08/2009 04:04 - United States

Today, I was working as a cashier at my job. A guy came up with a cart full of stuff and it took me 10 minutes to ring it all up. When I told him his total, he felt his pockets, said "Oh shit I forgot my wallet!" and walked away. He left about 15 bags worth of things for me to put back. FML
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"Today, I went to the store. I spent hours finding all the stuff I needed, and it was so much that it took the cashier ten minutes to ring up. Then I realized I forgot my wallet. FML"

Wow what an asshole


Wow what an asshole

agreed. the dude's a fucking asshole. Everyone should work a fucking year behind a cash register in retail. It would make everyone a hell of a lot nicer...

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why is he an asshole.... hes just making the cashier earn there paycheck... i sure theres thousands of people who wouldnt complain that they had to put a few grocerys away as long as they had a job.

Leaving 15 bags of groceries for someone to put away is not making them earn their paycheck, it's just being a fucking douchenozzle. I would hardly count minimum wage as worth having to have a smile on your face while dealing with idiots who don't get the concept of common courtesy. If the guy didn't check to have his wallet beforehand, he shouldn't have went shopping. Hell, if he got 15 bags of groceries and forgot his wallet, he shouldn't even be fucking driving.

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leaving a wallet is a common mistake... this is hardly a FML anyways, if the cashier said that they got herpes or puked on at the end of the story then thats when i say there life is effed.

How is he an asshole? I'm pretty sure he spent a great deal of time in the store shopping for those 15 bags worth of items and did not intend to screw OP over. It was just as big an inconvenience for you as it was for the guy. That sucks indeed.

It's your fucking job. NOT an FML at all. Quit bitching about it and be thankful you have one as there are so many right now that would gladly do your job since they are unable to find one.

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33's got the right idea

"Today, I had to do my job. FML."

#33 and #65, WIN! People have become WAY too lazy in this country.

I think its a decent FML. I'm guessing restocking 15 bags worth of groceries isn't exactly what a cashier signed on to do.

It's not necessarily a cashier's job to restock the shelves with items that were taken off and never bought.

If it wasn't this particular cashier's job, they wouldn't be doing it. Some grocery stores do it that way if things are slow. It's not like they have a quota to meet. When their shift is over, they're gone.

whatEVER, this kind of shit happens all the time when you're a cashier.

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What if he was going to come back? I bet he didn't....but still, you should have waited (maybe you did, I have no idea).

Yeah, it's more of a FHL. Not only does he have to drive all the way home, then all the way back to the store, but he will then have to shop for that cart full of stuff again, because the douche of an OP put it all back.

i'm sorry but that is hilarious to me haha i can imagine a guy do that and just walk away like nothing happened

I've always thought about doing this because I thought it would be hilarious

"Today, I went to the store. I spent hours finding all the stuff I needed, and it was so much that it took the cashier ten minutes to ring up. Then I realized I forgot my wallet. FML"


this. but i'm thinking you forgot to mention that it was probably a joke on his part XD

thats your job to clean up stuff jk that sucks

=P You know that he did that intentionally, right? xD Something I would do ... Heh xD

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YDI for stealing his wallet. What kind of evil bitch are you?

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WTF I hope your joking asshole

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that's a fun prank to pull off, actually. =p maybe i'll do that to my friend someday. like his bday. xD

Careful there; it fits nicely under douchebaggery to do this to someone you don't know, and you can still really irritate a friend like that. Watch your back if you ever do...they shall have their REVENGE!

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dude did it on purpose

10 minutes is a long time to serve someone. I'm a cashier, and my biggest load took me about 4 minutes to ring up. On average to serve a customer is 3 minutes. But hey, i've had to put away stuff people leave everywhere. I know how you feel -_-

It might not have been a grocery store. It may have been something like a walmart or just a clothing store. in that case it could take a while to ring everything up. With clothes you have to search for the tags. you can't just slide it like in a grocery store.

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It's sad it took them 10 minutes to ring up 15 bags worth of stuff. I'm a cashier at Walmart and no one is that slow. Ive had to put peoples stuff back up too. It's sucks but it's a job. Suck it up.