By anonymous-canada
Today, I was working a midnight shift when a guy came in drunk and was trying to get me to come home with him. I said I had a boyfriend. As I said this, my manager, who has no teeth and B.O, said he was my boyfriend. I will never live this down with my co-workers. FML
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  itisme_fml  |  9

#8 that was exactly my thoughts. Maybe the manager was trying to help the OP. It is not asif he told her to do something for him. She thinks her life sucks just because this manager has not teeth! That is a rude payback!

  c8750  |  2

Also, if it's not true, then the co-workers really can't tease. OP, I think your manager was just trying to be helpful. Be happy he was there or the drunk guy may not have left you alone