By anonymous - 23/03/2009 00:38 - United States

Today, I was with my girlfriend and she was making me listen to one of her recordings for chorus. As I was listening to it a solo came on, and i turned to her and said "This is the worst F*ing solo I've ever heard in my life." Little did I know, it was her solo. FML
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ohboyscott 0

LOL. shoulda said you were joking, or something.. shit man, you're fucked.

She should respect your honesty!


ohboyscott 0

LOL. shoulda said you were joking, or something.. shit man, you're fucked.

or he should learn to fake love the music, or at least lie lol

ahaha true, but she would still feel like shit a little

She should respect your honesty!

Don't worry about it, i'm sure there's a lot more you don't know too.

Wow, yeah you're screwed. That was a bit stupid of you.

I agree with # 2. Even if you were a bit harsh, she should at least respect that you gave your honest opinion.

Agreed with #4 and #2

HatesMyMom 0

your friend deserved to be told that

Root123 0

If it was her recording of the chorus then shouldn't you just assume it's her solo? Why else would she make you listen to it.

If you know there's a possibility that it could be your girlfriend, you should just be safe & ask first who is singing, then respond based on her answer. Then you won't get into situations like this!! Honesty is great, but sparing your girlfriend's feelings is the better thing to do. You deserved it-

I agree with number 9!


"Rather shut up and let people think you're an idiot than open it and leave no doubt..." Another philosopher stated : "Before you say something ask yourself three questions : - is it true ? - is it useful to say this ? - is it kind ? If you don't score three yes, then keep silent"

zivlaks 0

thats a dumb saying, sometimes unkind things must be said..

shadexilmaendu 4

Yes, but is insulting your girlfriends singing in such a childish manner going to achieve anything? If someone just stole from you or raped your dog, by all means you're within your rights to say some unkind things. If someone fucking up their life and need to hear the hard truth, tell them. But everything you do can either have a positive or negative outcome. Why be needlessly hurtful?