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Today, I was with my boyfriend and we were talking about childhood memories. He told me about a girl he made fun of in middle school. That was me. FML
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That awkward moment when..

obvisouly you two worked it out


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That awkward moment when..

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It all depends on what he said to you in middle school....

Couldnt have said it better myself

Aaa middle school! I remember BJs and hump days :) the best time of my living thus far

47- what middle school did you go to!? I was still thinking guys had cooties.

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so the comment I am laughing at gets 55+ and I get negative votes for laughing at it?? How the hell does that makes sense?

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Because your laughing, no one gives a fuck if you find it funny

46- The hell?! Where did THAT come from?

Obviously the dildo came from his butthole and the tears came from his eyes...

Just laugh at him and tell him it was you?

It's public school, he probably liked you and it all turned out well.

awkward turtle! :D & 97- WTH are those things in your pic???

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The elephants from Coldplay's music video for Paradise?

obvisouly you two worked it out

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Well then.....fuck him ;)

id hit that

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It also depends on whether he felt bad about it or not. OP never said, so it's possible he was saying that he shouldn't have done it.

Im pretty sure he would know that it was you..

mabey he forgot about her or she looked different

Wouldn't she have known it was him when they got together anyway?

who wants to remember the person who bullied them?

Don't think you'd forget someone who made fun of you in middle school.

who would want to?

Hmm, 4, I doubt it. It's obvious that their middle school life is over for a long time, so there is a big chance that OP has changed enough to not be recognized by him (and vice versae). I was bullied in middle school, but I can't recall how my bullies looked like, let alone recognize them now, more then 10 years later.

Yeah me too, but I'd know those fuckers anywhere. When you're bullied as a child and it hurts you, you don't forget.

i dont remember someone who sexual abused me that happened last year. hell, i cant remember who bullied me in elementry school!

That's cause you're in a gas mask!

85- Expect a vist from me tonight. Oh, don't worry; it won't be traumatizing at all; you'll forget all about it next year;) Except if you're a dude.... Then don't expect anything.

68 - I feel sad for you :(

Some people do change alot of the years especially women.

92-i am an it, should i expext a visit or not???

Who cares about middleschool? People grow up and different feelings grow. . .

Still bullying is never okay and Some people r still hurt from the way they were treated in middle school and high school

So they need to grow up, and get over it. As harsh as it sounds, it works, and is good for you.

And those people need to figure out that it's a fact of life and there's assholes out there and not whine like little bitches because someone made fun of them when they were CHILDREN.

I don't think you guys understand just how severe bullying can be. The effects can last the rest of your life and just "growing up and getting over it" won't always work.

Some people are severley affected by bullying. I was a bully when i was at school just because i was bigger than the other kids. Looking back, it wasnt very fair of me and i regret doing it. But ive gotten in contact with majority of my primary school class mates and weve become good friends, yet others shy away and isolate themselves. If i didnt pick on them, would they be more confident? The point im making, is bullying is bloody serious. Its not good. Sometimes growing out of it is not an option.

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Umm..... I do! Those were the best three years of my life!!!?

'grow up' says the girl who proclaims to love weed and put her phone number on her profile for all the internets to see...

You're obviously lacking some knowledge, 30. Try to educate yourself on the subject.

30- bullying can be very serious and sometimes even results in suicide. It's scary how bullying affects kids and teenagers and if a person is bullied in middle school, I doubt he or she will just forget about it.

i know what you are saying 30. i am speaking as somebody who was horribly bullied. I finally had to realize I am not what all those jerks at my school said i was and stopped feeling sorry for myself. And when i say bullied I mean i had NO friends at school and was physically and verbally harrassed daily. and this was done in the seventies and eighties when sometimes the teachers joined in on the "fun" so yeah 30 is right, you just have to realize your not going to be what they say you are

That would not be awkward at all (sarcasm)

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Bacon........ D: I want some

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Agreed, fuckin pic made me hungry.

Fuckin pic made me horny.

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Tell that to his face? No? Then continue on with your conversation.

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And now you're doing him, so you win!!

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Or she may not be. Dating doesn't always mean they are having sex.

It just proves that a bully likes his victim in a romantic way

Ooh. Sadism/Masochism? x3

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25- no, as in to get attention from the person they are bullying because the bully wants to be noticed by them. In some cases, it does happen.

Yup it's pretty common and I can't stress enough how big that MISTAKE is. A friend of my made fun of the girls he is attracted to as he think he could gain their attention this way but he got it coming when one of the girls boyfriend bash the shit outta him.

So you're saying the kid who tried to beat me up on several different occasions in 8th grade had a crush on me? I'm not so sure about that, seeing as we were both guys going to a very strict Christian school.

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That awkward moment when you realize the person you're having sex with is the person that you made fun of.

make fun of his small dick

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They're virgins

Well that's awkward much. AWKO TACOOOOO

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Really? AWKO TACO? That's Lame with a caps L!