By Pierce - United States
Today, I was with my 14 year old son when we saw a baby sparrow being attacked by four or five blackbirds. We rushed up, waving our arms and scared away the much bigger attackers. The baby sparrow ran toward us for protection, then went past both of us and ran straight down a storm sewer. FML
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By  Seti_fml  |  0

it would have been a better end if the blackbirds had attacked you.

the baby sparrow probably wouldn't have lasted long even if you did save it (since i'm assuming it was on its own) so dont feel too bad

By  kaelendra  |  0

F the baby sparrows life not yours.... It was prolly as or more scared of you though if it's run to you and been touched mommy may not have wanted it anymore. Really though scared by other birds or you either way it's life was f'd.

  goingsolo211  |  8

Today, I was attacked by some huge birds. some humans tried to scare them of but scared me so much I ran into a storm sewer. I have about 4 hours left to live. I'm a baby sparrow. FML