By Cat - Greece - Athens
Today, I was Whatsapping my boyfriend, as I am away for work. Before talking to him, I texted my work group I wasn’t feeling well after they invited me out. As I was chatting with what I thought was my boyfriend, I said, “I want your penis inside me.” And then realized I'd texted my work group. FML
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By  kdawgone  |  9

So you want people to feel sorry for you because you can't tell the difference between a group chat and an individual chat with your boyfriend? This is a not an accident this is you not caring to pay attention. You can't be feeling so bad you can't spend time with co-workers if you feel the need to get some pipe laid in you.

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

To this day I’m really not sure how people do this. I’ve never mistakenly texted a current / former boss or coworker or relative something inappropriate by mistake, and I’ve accumulated contacts from a million jobs, internships, volunteering positions and other academic or formal events. And i usually message multiple people at once. And I make all kinds of inappropriate jokes and shit that the professional people in my life don’t know about lol. It’s not that hard to pay attention