By cameltoeyourface - 26/07/2010 00:42 - United States

Today, I was wearing my yoga pants for my boyfriend. He's infatuated with them. He claims they make my ass look nice. I found out it's because I constantly get a camel toe, and it gives him a semi every time he sees it. I found this out by listening to him and his father at dinner. FML
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DeathwishCanada 0

hot .

FFML_314 11

Don't pull your pants up so high woman.


DeathwishCanada 0

hot .

creeeperrrr dot com! threadddjack kablammo! 

956TXking 0

that's funny

Arsonnist 3

Did his dad get a semi?

iamelrebel 0

#11 has too much make-up on

Why does your boyfriend talk about your pussy with your father? Kinda creepy, ins't it?

the_flirtt 0

14 not really

that's not really #11

xFalzz 0

What 16 said. Eww

raineydayes 0

What do you mean #20??

xFalzz 0

It seems that her pic is actually someone from Dancing With The Stars

BananaSticker 0

This kinda reminds me of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Like how peoples kids are talking about their sex lives and their friends sex lives with them. But other than that, I don't see a problem.

wow, so your fine with it being your ass but not your vaginal crease?

As a guy I know they make yoga pants that won't give you camel toe. And it was a pretty funny FML until your BF's dad came into the picture hahahaha

raineydayes 0

Ohhh. Thanks #29. Honestly though, no one really needs to have that much make up on.

LexaDear 0

that's not hawt. and it really isn't much make up. it's fake eyelashes, which isn't a big deal.

the_flirtt 0

ya wat she said lol

#11 doesnt have too much make-up on. shes actually very pretty. :)

I actualy think 37 it very hot, maybe that's because I'm only 15 an are too young for this site :(

raineydayes 0

#37, I've never heard of anyone only putting fake eyelashes on. If you take the time to put those one, you put a whole bunch of other makeup on too. And I would be shocked if that's the persons real skin color, and not make up. I don't want to argue, I was jus' sayin'.

FFML_314 11

That's not her picture so, it's not worth arguing about to begin with.

Manly guys like me love camel toe on girls. i even like FPUF camel toe.

the_flirtt 0

haha 53

#35 do you live with the omish? that's barely any make up at all, and if it was who cares, you don't even know her. does how much make up that stranger wears really affect your life? seriously people need to stop being negative about other peoples pictures, who cares.

yoga pants are the way to go!! my girlfriend has many pairs and it's great.

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laem threadjacker. ur not cryptic, ur an idiot.

LexaDear 0

thanks(: and a lot of people tan. you can't see the other make up so how you can you tell? if you dislike that you would hate to see the amount of glitter i wear. seriously, I don't see how it affects your life. I was just trying to point out that you can tell what she's wearing. and yoga pants are ugly no matter what in my opinion.

LexaDear 0

thanks was for 56 for actually making sense.

his is embarrasing. but what's a semi :) hehe I'm pretty sure I know just making sure!

LexaDear 0

mini boners yayyyy!

Silkie 0

1. For everyone talking about the make up; Is it really relevant? And I don't think they mean too much makeup, I think they mean she looks fake (fake tan, fake eyelashes). 2. #30 I agree! What parent goes into detail about how good your first time was? Especially when they are as uptight as they are about sex. 3. #56 What effect does a stranger's opinion of another stranger's makeup have on your daily life? Stop being so negative about other people's comments.

LexaDear 0

is that a hello kitty calendar :O

Silkie 0

P.S #56 It's Amish. ^_^

#72 what affect does my negativity of a strangers comment on another strangers make up have on you? stop beingnso negative about other peoples comments.

Silkie 0

#74 Why of course! Hello Kitty is only the most adorable thing ever! Second only to baby squirrels ^_^ I collect Hello Kitty stuff :D

#75 thanks for your grammar correction hah, but arn't you being a little hypocritical when you're doing the same thing as me. I was just stating how irrelevent a persons picture is to the FML.

Silkie 0

#76 Because when I read your comment, my IQ dropped a point.

your IQ must not be very stable seeing as it dropped just by the incorrect spelling of one word.

LexaDear 0

as do I! and my little pony items. and anything cupcakes! I love hello kitty :)

Silkie 0

#80 Actually it was due to the hypocrisy within it. You told them not to be negative, but you were being negative. Also by telling them not to talk about the person's makeup, you were talking about it yourself.

FFML_314 11

That gave me a headache. How about you agree to disagree and move the fuck on?

Silkie 0

Mmmm... Cupcakes ^_^

it's ironic though cause you are technically doing the same thing by talking about my hypocracy. and although my comment might have been hypocritical it did stop the other make-up commenters. oh and it could have stopped at my one comment to #35 and this hypocracy could have ended but you felt the need to reply to my comment.

Silkie 0

I would get technical but I don't think you could handle it.

FFML_314 11

I hate you.

# 88 why do you feel the need to insult me, unless you can't think of better response? This is just as dumb as argueing about the picture. I was being a hypocrite about it and you're being a hypocrite about it as well. get over it.

Chrisskiies 0

Actually, she just said your comment was negative, by refering to the last one and not to all the others.

Have sex with his dad!! That'll show him.

sneaky sneaky detective you are. well done

bcuz 0


So you have some kind of good relationship with your future father in law. Good for you though. 

88 - the dude you are pointlessly fighting with was just trying to stop people from making fun of other people's pictures. there was absolutely no need to attack him over a good (but futile, considering people on here will always be assholes and make fun of others out of insecurity) deed. all it did was start a fight, making you a troll....attack the people who deserve it...

zouse19 0

what's a camel toe?

#20 I'm pretty sure it's julianne hough

daremetoo 0

now who's being the negative one? (:

Jordykins 0

I don't know what's wrong with these people. She looks perfectly fine... Move on with your immature comments.

Do you mean FPUF or FUPA? EDIT: This to the guy that said he likes FPUF camel toes, lol. It confused me, and then FML seems to have put it in the wrong place.

degrassilovur 0

I collect Hello Kitty stuff too(:

pics or it didnt happen

how is he infatuated with an inanimate object???

what the hell is FPUF or FUPA anyway?????

and honestly I thot guys thought that cameltoes were disgusting. just like girls think it's nasty when guys where those jeans that crunch there junk up into nasty lumpy balls

I don't know what "FPUF" is, but FUPA is "Fat Upper Pubic/Pussy Area"

hey if he likes it that's all that matters, but um wear them in private from now on for the rest of us?

I would really like to meet the guy who invented the term "Camel Toe"--really, really funny description. I always laugh. But really, it is VERY SEXY to see. I LIKE PUSSY!

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yeah totally agree 21 but some peopletalnto their parents about everyyythinggg

M4V3R1CKR13 0


ohhmyjeez 0

lol win.

if u think the term camel toe is funny than you'll find the phrase moose knuckle to be hilarious as well :D and yes, a moose knuckle is essentially the same thing as a camel toe

photoartpoetry 0

it's not actually her, it's a pic from the show Pretty Little Liars

Kyto7884 0

29 it's actually a tv show called pretty little liars :P

Its a type of truck. Also rim jobs are when you get new rims for your vehicle.

effyoubitch 5

14 no she doesn't.

trox_fml 4

Amish people don't use computers

razor7070 4

Are you half retarded?

gonna do some modelling for his dad now?

omish = Amish. Also, I believe it's spelled 'hypocrisy', noy 'hypocricy'. Read up on how to spell a word before you go and correct the other dumbasses out there, mmkay? For all other questions, please refer to google.

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110 just owned 106.

FFML_314 11

*not. ;]

Typo! You got my point :P

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ehaile4 0

at least it wasn't a moose knuckle

I loooooove that movie lol

brightlightsbloo_fml 0

lol. nice boyfriend ya got there

At least it's not mooseknuckle?

LOL. Amen to that.

what's a moose knuckle, please tell me before I google it...

Watch West Side Story for a visual.

Google it. :] You'll be glad you did.

xtfauthorx 0

Gahhh! I will never think of moose (what's the plural of that anyway moose? mooses?) the same way :(

LexaDear 0

its just moose.

Chrisskiies 0

I'm too afraid to google mooseknuckle now. I'm just glad I didn't google blue waffles the other time tho. lol

LexaDear 0

I refuse to google either.

F_MLSucks 1

Moose knuckle, camel toe, ninja's all the same

talb1 7

wow lmao

oh that kinda sucks

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hey can't knock his dad. He likes what he says. He approves!