By Andrew - 24/09/2010 10:22 - United States

Today, I was watching TV with my grandpa, and he stopped flipping channels on a movie with a hot naked chick getting oiled down. Suddenly the remote landed on my stomach as my mom and grandma walked in. They yelled at me for being a pervert for an hour, while my grandpa sat and chuckled. FML
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RedPillSucks 31

Smooth move for grandpa! Weren't you watching it with him?

This is one of the funniest FMLs I have ever read.


ThatsJustMii 0

hahaha lol

grandpa is a legend

YupImBack 0


hahahahahah I love this... you got owned by your grandpa

BoyFromTheFuture 0

experience is key... you can use this on your grandchildren.

Grandpa is the best. Learn from him Op he is apparently very wise.

Hahaha wow that's Hellas funny

Tweety122888 0

lmao i love your grandpa he is the best!!!

Best. Gramps. EVER!

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KingDingALing 9

OP- your grandpa is full of win...


ur grandpas fuckin awesome!

luvpav 0

what movie was it?

zakkyzebra 11

haha my grandpa downloaded porn on my laptop and my mom saw it XD didn't say I didn't like it tho ...

wow thats awesome on his part but sucks for you.

3 words funniest. grandpa. evar!!!

imthatguythatdid 0


RedPillSucks 31

Smooth move for grandpa! Weren't you watching it with him?

^Enough said really.

NightSkyx 0

sounds like number 2's profile pic lol

Awesome. Grandpa pwned the OP.

Hey! I was #2! How did your post eat mine and take its spot?! Here it goes again: OP, YDI for being a disgusting pervert and watching porn, for attempting to blame it on your grandfather, for having a television, and for even having grandparents at all! Now, cough up some video footage of the movie in question. You know, research.

Joseph_Stalin 0

I agree with this gentlemen here.

it's "this gentleman" or "these gentlemen"

^ grammar win

Mentlegen, Please, calm down.

iGrenade 0


I second that motion. badass indeed.

kofinater 3

i would love to hangout with op's grandfather he seems cool as shit

wwerulez14 6

Shit is cool? Since WHEN?! And why was I not informed of this?

this is pretty funny lmfao


BahahahLOL 0

I want that muhfuckin grandpa! all mine does is cough and ask for money

This is one of the funniest FMLs I have ever read.

Definitely. I wonder what channel it was...

maidenandwhat 0

silly grandpa.

sipher16 0

silly grandpa chicks are for erect dicks

rpvia 0

hahah your granpa is tight yo

lickmyjock 0

and so is grandma...

Not anymore...

hahahhaha lol nice call!

That makes me want to ride the roflcopter, that is hilarious!!

GrandpaIsMyHero 0

Your grandpa is my new hero.

You have the coolest grandpa. All mine does is sleep.

I would high five my gramps if he did that to me.. seriously op.. YOUR GRAMPA IS A RETIRED NINJA!!