By I.Want.Food. - United Kingdom
Today, I was watching Ratatouille. Piece of advice for starving students: never watch it when you've only eaten two apples in two days, or you'll find yourself in the ridiculous position of being jealous of a fucking rat. FML
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By  ManicGypsy  |  22

Ramen noodles are like 20 cents a pack at Walmart.

  tukies  |  28

Ramen may suck ass, but if OP has only had an apple a day it's somewhere to start. It has a lot of sodium. I wouldn't eat it all the time, but come on. Flip that sofa up find loose change, and eat something.

  happyfingers  |  15

I add spices and stuff to my ramen. Helps a lot. I make some awesome ramen. Except chicken. I still don't like chicken ramen. Beef or shrimp for me. But maybe it depends on the seasoning. *shrug*

  straww_fml  |  13

There are plenty of things cheaper and better than apples. Carrots, onions, water, spices and salt makes a soup that can keep you going for far longer than any apple, and at about the same price per portion if not less. Add some rice (or ramen, or cheese) and you've got several full meals.

... Or you can hunt for mice and small birds, as I do and stay as fit as an owl! Is that not a saying amongst you humans?

By  askullnamedbilly  |  33

Bit of your own fault, isn't it? I've no idea where in the UK you live, but I can nevertheless guarantee that your city has some kind of charitable organisation giving out food to people who cannot afford it otherwise.

  Coeliacchic93  |  21

foodbanks are very helpful. not only do they give you about 3 days emergency food (that can last longer with the stuff they give you) they can give you advice on how to get up on your feet :-)

By  Oppression_fml  |  19

I don't understand why people impoverish themselves for a peice of paper that can only be used as toilet paper. Start am not easy job, climb your way up to the ladder like a champ, and and then you can consider going to college or university...

  syki  |  22

It's not the 1930s. To even get those jobs--any job with significant upward movement--you generally need some sort of post secondary degree.

  gracehi  |  31

I don't know what it's like in the UK, but in the US a lot of people with degrees are either unemployed or under-employed and not working in the field in which they have their degree. My boyfriend and my sister both have degrees and I don't, but I make more money than both of them put together. But I joined the Navy and they have degrees in computer animation. But it seems to me that these days, unless you get a degree in something like engineering, you're better off going to a trade school or starting an entry level job at a restaurant or department store or some manual labor job and working your way up into management than going to a university.

  Posthuman  |  26

"you're". And maybe she watched it with a friend who doesn't want to be a kind individual and feed her. Or maybe they're both broke as hell and watch food movies together. Soon they might come to their senses and eat each other. Mmmm human.

  buttcramp  |  21

my bad! I'm usually not so careless with the obvious spelling/grammar.. smh. you guys are right though I was quick to judge. I also know what its like to be hungry in college but I was trying to offer a solution. I suppose it wasn't a good one lol