By arbiter3 / Monday 4 April 2011 10:13 /
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  tulsafml  |  0

Damn it you son of a bitch! bunnies are gentle creature and you let the baby see that shit. YDI for fucking the babies childhood in the ass. go screw yourself OP.

  Asario  |  0

i agree. its just sick how humans think killing animals is ok though. when you think about it people hunt because the deer are "overpopulating" when really were just taking away their homes with deforestation. if we hadmt taken their habitat in the first place, the REAL circle of life would be intact. but us humans are bastards. another gay baby was born. bye


Actually overpopulation is only part of it. Do you have any idea how diseased deer populations are? And how horribly inbred?

Not to mention deer are super tasty and the antlers look good on the wall! Mmm now I want chicken fried venison steak, you bastard!

  Asario  |  0

you must have something against bunnies. wouldnt be surprised if you have a fur coat in the closet im standing in right now. when are you going to bed?

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