By ugh Buck! - / Wednesday 11 September 2013 16:57 / United States
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By  150493x  |  29

He's barking mad

  PenguinBitch  |  43

Then where did it originate from? I agree that the post/photo, where you match your month and day with names and the chosen names is your "wolf" name, if I can recall, came from somewhere else. But the idea of "Moon-Moon" came from iFunny.

  Saywat145  |  17

IFunny is an app with a group of people that have a low self esteem. The app displays photos, gifs, and videos posted by the users. Twice a day, a set of twenty 'features' is set up. IFunny team is known to be own by monkeys.

  PenguinBitch  |  43

Well, I was proved wrong. @66, that and also most of it is now nudes and kiks. And a lot of their comments from their users dont make sense.' eno siht ekiL'

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