By ugh Buck! - 11/09/2013 16:57 - United States

Today, I was watching a movie on TV. One of the characters has the same name as my dog, and when his name was called, my dog got so excited that he jumped face-first into my TV. FML
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The real important thing to ask: is the t.v. Okay?

Lol! Poor baby!


Lol! Poor baby!

Soniye 14

By any chance is his name Marley ?

61, I'm willing to bet you, that her dogs name is "Buck."

The real important thing to ask: is the t.v. Okay?

But in all seriousness I hope your dog is okay

In all seriousness I hope his t.v. is ok.

GoodLookingGeese 10

The tv is ok - it's a 5000 irregular piece puzzle

poor dog, but it's kind of funny and cute too.

TheCaramelKing 11

It means the dog love when you (or others) say his name!

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So you decided to try to use something from ifunny, this ultimately a waste of a top 10 comments.

You blew it.

Wizardo 33

Dammit Scooby!

Marry me lol.

That's not creepy at all. #78 Must be reading Perdix's lastest book on how to be a creepy bastard, lol.

How big is your dog

It was a teacup chihuahua.

150493x 29

He's barking mad

That made me cringe.

I appreciate your bad pun! n_n

He doggone it!

Moon Moon strikes again!

Who names their dog "Moon Moon"?

Wizardo 33

The same people that names their child Honey Boo Boo.

@13 Sorry but this is FML not Ifunny. Plus, it's a dog, not a wolf....,..imbecile. >.>

RedPillSucks 31

Why is OP an imbecile because of what the dog does? And why can't an FML be funny?

16- You know that's not her actual name, right?

Moon moon came from tumblr not ifunny

The idea came from iFunny. I use the app frequently.

Lol that automatically means you know where it originated from? You, my friend, have a lot to learn about the internet...

Then where did it originate from? I agree that the post/photo, where you match your month and day with names and the chosen names is your "wolf" name, if I can recall, came from somewhere else. But the idea of "Moon-Moon" came from iFunny.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

What in gods name is ifunny? This may be stereotyping, but it makes me think of an Asian guy talking in broken English. "I funny man, I make funny all time!"

IFunny is an app with a group of people that have a low self esteem. The app displays photos, gifs, and videos posted by the users. Twice a day, a set of twenty 'features' is set up. IFunny team is known to be own by monkeys.

Tumblr came up with ifunny, I saw the post that started it all. Ifunny just reposts things from every website, including this one.

really? poor dog,what did he do to deserve that name

Well, I was proved wrong. @66, that and also most of it is now nudes and kiks. And a lot of their comments from their users dont make sense.' eno siht ekiL'

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

Where do you think dogs come from #17? They are basically domesticated wolves.

So your dog (man's best friend!) smashes his face on a hard object, and it's a f YOUR life?