By lifeonfire12 - 16/04/2012 01:13 - Canada

Today, I was watching a boys volleyball team warming up, and I had my eye on one of them who was quite attractive. He sent the ball a little too far and it hit me in the face. He apologized, and I then for some reason replied with, "It's fine, I like balls in my face." FML
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turtlemonkey 0

whens our date?;)

When they drop...


Did you lie? Even if you didn't it's nice he said sorry.

notjustanybody20 9

Wow. that must not have sounded wierd at all! I like your idea of an ice breaker :D

blackheart24 10

If the guy didn't laugh at this then he isn't dating material. This FML made me laugh out loud! Nice diarrhea of the mouth OP ;)

my mom always says honesty is the best policy.

FMLshark 12

And here we have a perfect example of a Freudian slip.

Well now we know your relationship will work, you already told him something notable about yoursel. In the first sentence.

JocelynKaulitz 28

He probably liked it anyway.

36- are you suggesting that the OP actually likes balls in her face? I'm pretty sure she doesn't or she wouldn't have wrote the FML in the first place:p just sayin:p

CadillacPimpen 6

46 your too literal for your name.

pinky78711 5

Thats what my dad says because he dosent like saying the F but me and my brother say umm nooo its LMFAO

lol it really isnt that bad of an icebreaker

Idonebeenhad 17

Hey, at least you accidentally hinted that you're interested :)

Great fml. I hope he jumped at the opportunity haha

MyCleverName 2

60- *you're

93-guess what NOBODY CARES!!!!!!

Id ask u out after that

turtlemonkey 0

whens our date?;)

When they drop...

When they drop on your face!

TheRealOF 4


stevenJB 25

Damn that was the biggest shut down I've see seen! Haha

If they ever become friends, he will probably not let that one go.. I wouldn't.

HahaYDI 0

That awkward moment when a funny comment gets dwarfed by an even funnier comment making fun of the aforementioned comment.

I've never laughed so hard

wuzzup969 2

OP Epic Win xD

NagatoPain 4

Well I hope after that you both had a conversation at least and a date :)

He knows you're DTF now, you're in!

This will be the story your best friend toasts to you two at your wedding. Cheer up! You'll bring a smile to all your guests' faces and a horrified look to your mother's.

What does DTF mean?

I could be very wrong, but I'm guessing from the context it means "date then fuck"?

Mandy0325 1

It means down to fuck...

It means "down to (graphic word for sex)"

DontClickOnMe 28

Oh I'm sure he likes you already.

He and I'm sure the rest of the team know what's up now.

EnmityKnight 2

Sometimes we say what's on our mind

Freudian slip.

That's what she said

in my mind we just high-fived.

Yes, she did indeed said that. Lol

RedMosquito 4

Just lucky he didn't reply, "me too."

On top of a tree

Well that's one way to break the ice.

FMLandurstoo 9

...or her nose.

Aww, that awkward moment when you realize what you just said. FYL that sucks.

I'm not sure how that sounded ... but I'm sorry if it sounds mean or sarcastic ... I actually meant to be sincere but I'm sorry again if it sounded better in my head.

You're apologizing for being sarcastic? On FML?!

So might he OP. you could be in luck!

twisted_cherub 14

Maybe I'm missing something, but... If he likes balls in his face, how is that lucky for her? I'm pretty sure that means they won't be dating.

emilydotawesome 1

I'm fairly sure that 10 thought OP was a guy... Not sure why though. :/

I think 10 meant the player likes balls in her face.

louielove19 4

That shmucks :(

So does your comment :(