By lifeonfire12 - Canada
  Today, I was watching a boys volleyball team warming up, and I had my eye on one of them who was quite attractive. He sent the ball a little too far and it hit me in the face. He apologized, and I then for some reason replied with, "It's fine, I like balls in my face." FML
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  LMA0  |  5

36- are you suggesting that the OP actually likes balls in her face? I'm pretty sure she doesn't or she wouldn't have wrote the FML in the first place:p just sayin:p

  stevenJB  |  25

Damn that was the biggest shut down I've see seen! Haha

  l0v3p4in  |  7

This will be the story your best friend toasts to you two at your wedding. Cheer up! You'll bring a smile to all your guests' faces and a horrified look to your mother's.