By Anonymous - Netherlands
Today, I was walking with the dog. I was throwing a stick in the lake so he could get it (he loves swimming). A friend called me. After I was done calling another friend came by, and we went talking for a while. When my dog barked, I accidentally threw my iPhone in the water instead of his stick. FML
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  samantha987  |  0

this was somehow really difficult to read. OP, you could have made it a lot shorter by saying, "Today, while playing fetch with my dog, I threw my iPhone in the lake instead of his stick. FML"
just sayin'

  nyrangers1022  |  6

Iphones suck...the new Iphone4 loses signal when u hold it a certain way. There insurance sucks, if u break it, u can buy another one for contract price at like 300dollars...Verizons Droid series are so much better and can afford a new phone if u break it/lose it....

so wut im sayin is YDI for having a Iphone

  big_kuntry  |  0

There is nothing wrong with the iPhone, I'm a proud owner. Just because y'all are still rocking the moto razor doesn't give you a right to hate.
Y'all sound like a bunch of fat people talking about how Atkins is unhealthy.