By Anonymous - 26/08/2010 13:27 - Netherlands

Today, I was walking with the dog. I was throwing a stick in the lake so he could get it (he loves swimming). A friend called me. After I was done calling another friend came by, and we went talking for a while. When my dog barked, I accidentally threw my iPhone in the water instead of his stick. FML
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this was somehow really difficult to read. OP, you could have made it a lot shorter by saying, "Today, while playing fetch with my dog, I threw my iPhone in the lake instead of his stick. FML" just sayin'

aw that sucks bad dude, i dropped my iPhone in a lake, and I jumped in to get it ! it was fine just calibration went really weird :/

has anyone noticed that the OPs always say their iPhone instead of just saying their phone?

18- Probably because a lot of them have iPhones.

ydi for not paying attention. hopefully the warrant will cover it?

You wouldn't be having this problem if you just wouldn't throw your iPhone in the lake

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I don't think warranty covers stupidity and besides it'll be water damage so it won't be covered anyway

that sux op if I even drop my iPhone I flip.

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f the customers bc nobody makes a water proof cellphone

sadly, I have no iPhone :'(. I have a Droid Eris. the iPhone should go Verizon

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iPhones are waterproof as long as they don't go more than 5 miles underwater.

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you are better off with that shitty phone in the lake.

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Did everyone fail to notice 27's win?

Ya all time low is the beat band in the world!!

Iphones suck...the new Iphone4 loses signal when u hold it a certain way. There insurance sucks, if u break it, u can buy another one for contract price at like 300dollars...Verizons Droid series are so much better and can afford a new phone if u break it/lose it.... so wut im sayin is YDI for having a Iphone

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agreed. I read it like five times before i got it.

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49 Your boobs are sunburned

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There is nothing wrong with the iPhone, I'm a proud owner. Just because y'all are still rocking the moto razor doesn't give you a right to hate. Y'all sound like a bunch of fat people talking about how Atkins is unhealthy.

ohh i see thanks and WOO agreed with 76 :)

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but they're still nice too look at xD

good job putting the iphone where it belongs.

Did you really have to put "he loves swimming" in parentheses? YDI

He deserves it bc of unnecessary parentheses comments.

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Yes because stupid people would have freaked that he could have drowned his dog

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Wow, fail. Water damage doesn't cover warranty. Next time pay attention.

I'm pretty sure you meant to say the warranty doesn't cover water damage. pay attention next time.

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Whatever, you knew what I meant.

Just like the OP MEANT to throw the stick, right? Hypocrite.

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