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Today, I was walking to the store when I ran into one of my friends. He said he heard about my bike being stolen the day before, and that whoever took it was a heartless dick. I hadn't told anyone about the theft. FML
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well looks like we know who the heartless d*ck is.

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Maybe he was trying to hint to you that it was him...

Did you really have to censor yourself, #21?

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21- why would he be a heartless duck? i thought all ducks had hearts.

why so many FMLs about bikes? are all op like 12 years old? who the hell rides a bike anymore.

just a bike? some bikes can cost up to $900... biking is better for the environment than driving , and I dont think you would wanna walk.. and stop bitching? I would be pissed if someone stole my bike...stfu

18- it nit just a bike its a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bike!!! (and yes i spelled that correctly)

my bike is worth $1500. i'd be pissed if someone stole it

Things can be stolen even if they're locked up. Even your precious little gas guzzling truck, when matched against a thief experienced enough. Use your damn brain before you go telling people it's their fault something was stolen from them. Would you be pissed if someone snatched a Benjamin out of your wallet? A bike usually costs much more than that. Again, use your damn brain.

70-op could of locked it up and the thief sawed/cut through the chain/lock. it is quite common. also people use bikes because it uses less energy than walking so they can get further

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USA? Sue him.

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79- stereotyping jackoff? shove one where the sun don't shine my love it sucks op, just keep an eye out, if he's stupid enough to let on it was him like that, he may be stupid enough to have not taken care to keep it well hidden or get rid of it quickly,

How about 10-20 miles? It's a rather plausible distance to ride a bike, but a bitch of a walk. Why can ppl fucking use their pea-brains and be a bit compassionate for OP? I bet if you lose your ps3 or xbox, you would bitch on fml too. Stop sounding like a smart ass with all the solutions. FML is where ppl rant, bitch about their misery. If they stop, you wouldn't have this page to even comment on so stfu.

26- I hope you are not retatrded!!

well either the friend stole the bike or he heard from the thief that it got stolen? could be both

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is this the same bike that got stolen like two days ago here on fml

121- you're a bag of douche, I hope your truck gets stolen, you can let us know how the horse looks from down there. I bet tampons fall out of you when you sneeze. Snotty twat.

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wow way to be a bitch

jallred254 4

thatss... akward.

nicole890, it's upsetting just to get something little and inexpensive stolen from you by a friend, let alone a bike that can be even $2000.

Nicole890 we don't dislike you because you "have some money", in fact to hazard a guess I'd say I have more than you, it's the fact that you have gone on and on about getting over it when you would be the first to bitch if someone stole from you, and even more if it was a friend who likely did it. If op can't drive the bike means the same to them as your truck does to you, so yes you could replace it if someone stole it but would be happy? No. None of your comments have had any value, or any reason to be posted, I'd think before posting in future.

130- you weren't dropped as a baby, you were clearly thrown against a wall. P.S. I own a jag str and a gold edition caddie, you think you're the only person that has money?? P.P.S. the stretch marks around your mouth are a clear indication of how you raised the funds for your truck. Sent with love MsJoyfull

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ALL of nicole890's comments have thumbs down or negative feedback! Stop being a heartless dick nicole!

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So, you're saying people that don't have bikes to walk 4-5 miles to go somewhere? Quit replying to people, you're pissing me off just reading your responses.

that was about 147s comment btw

Thunderbender 2

nicole lets see if we can make this easy for you. #1 bikes are expensive as shit. #2 Op uses it as a mode of transportation so obviously this is a big deal and no, walking is not a reasonable substitute for some one who actually uses a bike to get places because you can much farther, faster on a bike. That's like some one getting their car stolen and you saying well you just ride a bike -_- #3 Obviously the main point of this fml is the fact that his friend stole his bike (or knows who did steal his bike)

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Talk about a heartless dick!

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innocent until proven guilty

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guilty until proven innocent

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maybe he just said that cause he saw you walking.

So, he called himself a heartless dick?

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or OP's parents or relatives told somebody...

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wathappened to a the comments

what the hell happened to all the original comments???

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shouldn't have gave that homeless man money..

at least now u know who stole it!

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soooo he's a heartless dick and he knows it too

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so everyone thumbed me down? why? I'm correct.

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only in america everywhere else its guilty till proven innocent

maybe another friend told him?

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HE HASNT TOLD ANYONE. Can you read? ^

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you should kill his dog and call him an hour like telling him u "heard" about it

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Idk where "like" came from... damn iPod

^ that's raw lol

Or the real thief bragged about the theft and OP's friend heard about it through the grapevine.

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69-..."today since I'm such a badass I stole a 12 year olds bike"

sourgirl101 28

I find it strange that the OP didn't say a word to anyone, not even to fill out a police report or perhaps to his parents. Rumours could have gotten out without the OP realizing it was told to at least one person that knew the friend.

I love nastyninja's pic :)

107 -..... I didn't file a police report when my bike was stolen.

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64- dicks don't kill innocent puppies :'( you puppy killer!!!!

You need more friends.. and start locking your shit up. You can't trust people now adays.

A heartless dick his own words

Haha what a douche, and hopefully now an ex-friend

well he was right after all!

OP, I think your friend is a physic

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lol? physic? don't u mean psychic?

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whatever you say can and will be held against you in the court of law.

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i think you may not have a brain? yeah.

catfight! *grabs popcorn*

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Haha well at least I can recognize what FML we're talking about. just sayin.

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Heartless dick!

my dick has a heart :)

two wrongs don't make a right. it really considered stealing if the item in question is yours?

its just getting ur stuff back why would it be wrong ?

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114- Ask OJ Simpson

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you're a moron.

98-it's his bike to begin with!

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119- I was thinking the same exact thing haha

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Your friend is a heartless dick. He was right about one thing.

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YAY!!! new pic for scubs! like that hat btw.


worlds dumbest criminals candidate right there.

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why do your comments always get thumbed up

Obviously because of his name.


why wouldn't you thumb up the name BIEBERSLAYER it's awesome.

I think it's because of the sublime pic.

My comments always get thumbed down for no apparent reason...

TheRealSIDeal 1

because he can

TheRealSIDeal 1

but rbecca black slayer is a better name

Why do your comments always get thumbed down?... Wait, I think I know...

HELL YES! I'm waiting for the show to start right now

well I guess we know who did it...

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Wait, are you sure, because I couldn't grasp that from the FML....

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It's possible that someone saw it being stolen and told him. Although that's unlikely...

Yes, it is very unlikely.

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bitch ^^^^