By Anonymous - / Saturday 15 September 2012 18:34 / United States - Metairie
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...I must seem worse with my initial reaction to a stranger confronting me. My initial thought is usually, "Holy hell! A serial killer!" Must be all those episodes of Crimminal Minds getting to me.

  bwhahaha_fml  |  10

I'm curious op... What would you do if you turned around to sack someone only to find it's a girl... Assuming she's a serial killer turning around only would make the murder easy for her.

  annie_nk  |  22

When my friends husband started open carrying, he became SUPER paranoid. In the store, she was feeling playful and tried grabbing his butt. He freaked out and threw his arm back to punch which resulted in her getting a black eye from his elbow. He thought someone was trying to pull his gun out of the holster. Which was on his right hip and she grabbed his left butt check and was standing to his left. So I can see how someone can get that paranoid if they work themselves up over it. Like the possibility of the "shoulder tapping racist" lol.

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