By the2girls - 09/08/2011 16:08 - Canada

Today, I was walking to get ice-cream with my boyfriend. When we were ordering our cone, the girl who was scooping it said to my boyfriend, "Hey I know you! You're the one who slept with my sister-in-law the other night." FML
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I hope he was wearing the ice cream by the time you were done!

bthomas0319 2

I'm guessing that was the last time y'all saw each other


bthomas0319 2

I'm guessing that was the last time y'all saw each other

YourEvilHero 12

and thats when you grab the ice cream and throw it in your boyfriends face and say "hey! I'm breaking up with you!"

americanhoney4 6

But hopefully she smashed his Ice cream on him and saved hers!! lol

and that's when he should ask to speak to the manager and get her ass fired. Quite unprofessional.

Ex boyfriend now

FMLuvLife 3

you sleep, we sleep, we all sleep for ice-cream! ;D

The relation with 1's comment and the FML ??

Threesome. I said it. No one has to say it anymore. So you trust some person that is most likely bored out of their mind? I smell a prank.

buy lots of ice cream roll in it and have a threesome...nuff said.

Put the ice cream cone down his pants to look like a boner. When it melts it will look like he jazzed himself and girls will avoid him.

freshV43 0

Look on the bright side at least he didn't give u an STD...

hobbsicle805 0

she could have been fucking with them both

Susieee_Q 9

"Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. Why? Because some girl at an ice cream shop thought it would be funny to say, 'Hey, I know you! You slept with my sister-in-law!' I've never met this chick before in my life. Now I have no girlfriend and an ice cream cone down my pants. FML"

^ prepare to get nodded by someone.

That was to 74.

its a small world.

Holy shit... Umm... I honestly don't have some smart ass comment to make about this... All I can say is LMFAO, take your ice cream and dump his ass. FYL OP.

newnew8 0

time to leave that asshole.

SirObvious 1

You made her sister watch:) your baaaad:)

theten_fml 9

That ice cream isn't going to be so delicious now

but really the girlfriend IS the sister in law and it is all just a joke.

She's obviously being a dick. Who would say something like that to someone right next to his girlfriend?

mcguiread 1

But I don't think the girl scooping was the guys sister??

You know.. cones make great dildos.

trgower13 0

Winning!!! Tiger blood.

u better tell me ur her sister in law

If OP were the sister-in-law, why would this be an FML?

omggitsbianca 0

No She Was The Sister-In-Law Of The Chick He Slept With.

triforcebandit 6

You Realize Talking Like This Is Unnecessary, Right?

Princessx3Jamie 0

this is just all kindssss of f*cked up haha.

Or maybe the girl just felt like trying to ruin a relationship?

I hope he was wearing the ice cream by the time you were done!

Sitting is the new coning.

Awkward moment when the icecream girl says,"oh no youre not him but you look just like him".

Why waste perfectly good icecream you sick, sick bastard?! What did the ice cream ever do to you?!

CrazyShae 0

Hopefully wearing his Icecream! And eating hers! And him definitely paying for it! ^.^

Am I the only one who noticed that it was a sister-in-law? That makes this even worse because to be the ice cream girl's sister-in-law, she has to be married.

Maybe it's the ice cream girls' husband's sister...

QwertyMcNugget 0


atleast he didn't start singing shaggy's "it wasn't me"

Atleast she didn't say brother in law.

Is your name Katy?

Me? Oh, hhhellll no.

I hope you broke up with him.

Have a 3-some before dumping him is better.

cradle6 13

What if it was a prank by the girl? Why would you trust some stranger over your significant other?

Of course you'd say that, you're a man. I bet that's exactly what her boyfriend said to her after denying it.

androiddestroya 7

160. or maybe you're just being close-minded and blaming it all on men for problems you've had to deal with. it couldn't just been a prank that the girl decided to play on them.

What kind of random person plays a prank like that?

androiddestroya 7

everyone does stupid shut to amuse themselves

androiddestroya 7

sh*t damn autocorrect

cradle6 13

169-There was an fml almost exactly like this. Some girl who liked to come up to couples and put her arms around the guy in order to watch the impending show. Some people are dicks, and everything is not the man's fault.

When I worked part time at tacobell I did that exact prank except I said "hey your that girl my buddy jonathon banged last night!"

ur right lets hope she did

A random person.

chelseaann11 2

196- Asshole

If I was in her (OP) place, I would've not made a scene, because then he wouldnt be put in the embarrassing spot of EXPLAINING. Just stand there and stare him down, and he'll be really embarrassed...and he deserves to be.

dude thts awesome

GravyGuy 11

No it isn't.

Dude you're a fuck tard!

yeseniaaa 2


Hi_I_am_Q 0

No "thts" not.

haha guys chill i hadnt even read the fml i just wanted a top comment

Thts a Wtf moment

LThat's a FML moment.

Need a pause? Think it over with a twix break;)

kroekdog 7

Be happy it wasnt the brother in law

Mayb she's wrong

She could be wrong. Maybe she thought OP's bf was someone else. Her boyfriend won't be honest if he really did cheat though. Op has a lot of thinking to do

Or she was jolting just to mess up someone's day I know more then a few people who would and probably have done that

Jennyboo5797 4

You shoulda threw the icecream on him and said "It's okay, I slept with her brother last night too" ;)

You are an absolute dumbass. Why would she say that. He won't even believe her because nobody just comes out and tells their bf that they cheated on them.

well accually if she was jut going to break up with him anyways for cheating it wouldn't matter if he found out she cheated.

Ya it would matter cuz if he found out then all their friends would find out and she would be screwed when she tried to date again cuz everyone would know she cheated

some guys like open relationships.

I think they r retarded. U might as well just be friends with benefits. That's not a relationship

true...but I'm sure there will b lots of guys that have cheated that won't care if she had cheated in previous relationships.

Jennyboo5797 4

Okay I'm sorry I didn't make more sophisticated comment for you... You act like I'm actually giving advice to the OP, or that someone is going to read that comment and do the same thing. Lighten up, dude.

Wow, Guatemalian, Mexican, and Chinese, thats the perfecr combo i have been loking for, oh by the way, im Hondurian.

Jennyboo5797 4

Lol cool I guess

hahahahaha win.

beetboxboy 9

U hittin on 14 year olds? Hahaha

flashback.miss 28

served, indeed.