By apparently-a-shed - 05/03/2013 12:20 - United Kingdom - Worcester

Today, I was walking through my town when a man on a bicycle rolled up to me and said, "I don't mean this offensively but you're really well-built." I don't know whether he was commenting on my height or comparing me to a shed, but my mother won't stop laughing. FML
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I wouldn't take a fence if I were you.

perdix 29

Sounds like a . . . *lowers sunglasses* sheddy situation.


I wouldn't take a fence if I were you.

I guess she was something to stair at.

Yeah but she was feeling uncomfortable due to his lengthy gaze-bo

Pleonasm, you nailed it.

*Sheds a tear*

She should be happy he found her so riveting. Now she knows that she's not plane.

Sheds a tear, that was impressively clever pleonasm, best one yet haha

denbeste 3

No. His jokes never make me laugh. He tries too hard.

JJ_Rokk 10

Wow #65. Enjoy your Bitch Flakes this morning?

chrisp87 11

Nice pun.

chrisp87 11

Dang #65 just because you're mad at the world doesn't mean you got to take your piss poor attitude here.

He just pissed he can't come up with any so as not to leave us board

Hopefully he meant bodily. Either way, it's not too horrible a far as a compliment or insult goes.

Well the compliment "built" is often used for guys who are muscular so maybe he meant it in a similar way?

I'm thinking he meant her breasts are large

Wizzlbang 10

I've seen some pretty attractive well built women. As long as they don't push it to she-hulk levels, it looks pretty good, IMO.

Redoxx_fml 22

Well he didn't mean it offensively so I guess take is a compliment?

Redoxx_fml 22

It as* damn autocorrect

OP is a woman. Well built is a term for men with large muscles.

Well built could totally just mean proportionate or something. Or maybe she has a huge rack/perfect ass?

at least he said 'well built' as opposed to 'built like a brick shithouse'. take it as a compliment!

Or Built like a Igloo. Cold, Round and hard. P.s. Muse is definitely amazing. ^^^

crazytwinsmom 25

Or a shit brickhouse.

or built like eeyore's house. fall down every 10 minutes. and yes, yes they are :)

xeka 10

That's.. And insult..? o.o;

and? and what else? WHY WON'T YOU TELL ME WHY AND!

Mr_Que_Dijo23 5

Maybe he was talking about your butt but didn't want to sound like a pervert. But then again who knows...

perdix 29

Sounds like a . . . *lowers sunglasses* sheddy situation.

Those jokes are so hated, not even you can get away with them.

perdix 29

#30, oh, I can. I anticipate that the highly intelligent readers will discern that I am satirizing the "shitty situation" cliche and register their appreciation.

Well what the hell the vote count pretty much just inverted from when I first replied. I guess I 'dun goofed.

Classic Perdix move. When a terrible comment falls flat, claim the humor is just too sophisticated for people's puny brains and that only smart people will get it. Instant thumbs up from stupid people. Of course, my own comment's satirical too. I'm not sure how or in what way, but the truly intelligent people will thumb me up. Am I doing it right? I wish /I/ had cheerleaders.

perdix 29

#46, yes, you learned well. I thumbed up your comment and I feel smarter ;)

Shrike you don't have cheerleaders because you only come out to comment at noon on the second Saturday in August during an even numbered year. Who knows what'd happen if you commented more often.

I'd assume he meant you're porportional and he admired your figure in more than just a sexual way, Op. :) Be flattered, people have said worse to others without meaning to be offensive. ;)

perdix 29

#18, do they really hate it, or do they just say they hate it? Would you prefer that we tell you that you have a terrible ass? Or even better, after spending hours finding the pants or dress that best highlights your ass, would you like us to say, "Hey, I didn't even notice you had an ass?"

18 - not all girls darling. I love when I'm complimented on my arse, whether it's a guy or girl.

challan 19

32- I agree. I don't pretend to hate it. It puts an extra jiggle in my wiggle.

perdix 29

#48, if you dress so the boyfriend notices certain ass-ets, ALL male humans will notice them, too. We're programmed that way.

I'd be more mad the mother won't stop laughing. But just let the Guy's comments fly by.