By cman - 26/02/2010 11:17 - Romania

Today, I was walking past a group of old men exiting a building. All of a sudden, I heard a strange splashing sound, and discovered one of the completely inebriated men walking behind me, pissing on my boots. I sped up, but so did he, and he didn't miss once until he was done. FML
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You fail because you couldn't outrun an old drunk with his dick out. What? You got got square wheels on your wheelchair or something?

rosto16 0

I hope you smack the hell outta him!


suaveneanderthal 0

what kind of coward allows himself to be urinated upon in public? either i would have whooped his ass, or he would have whooped mine but you can bet your ass if anyone pisses on me there's gonna be a fight, i'm not even saying i'd win but by god there would be a fight

that's like one of the most disrespectful things u can do. he would have been knocked out immediately smh

he was marking his territory. You should feel honored.

asianwolf 2

@72 hmmm.... so now op is his territory?

CustomFerrari 0

anyone feel an r kelly moment coming on?

malafacaeous 0

He would have had one serious case of marine whoop ass put on him. I probably would have made him start bleeding severly and then left him there. In afghanistan I would kill someone for that.

_great_ 0

Hey look some guys pissing on me i know what i'll do, i'll will carry on walking to allow him to finish off. 1 if ur a big girls blouse move out of the way. 2 if ur a man stick up for youself and push the freak away.

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u dident say anything???? stupid

Biggest pussy in the world! If you can't outrun an old drunk with one or two hands on his dick, just run in to the street and get hit by a car to end it all.

An old guy pissing on you in public, and you speed up! YDI for being a ******* PUSSY! Flip him over idiot!

tru you should of dont sumthing about that old man, Hes old for gods sake, i would of punch him in the face and the other old man behind him too, for not warning me

totally agree with 47 stand the **** up for yourself

rosto16 0

I hope you smack the hell outta him!

jisaac09 25

I know i cant fight, but i would have tried to beat the hell out of him...... so one of us would have been whooped......

he must have had a lot of practice lol

well some ppl show their compliments in diff ways in ur case be lucky the other half didn't take a shit on it!!!

FireNinja 3

that's when you turn around and kick him in the balls as hard as you can and stomp on his nose and run like hell.

AngryNinja 1

shit, op, that sucks. but guys, he's old! normally i'd be like ''yeah, beat the shit out of him!'', but he's probably senile. or maybe it was a dare. damn those crafty old men!

LtHoward 0

No matter how old a person is it's no excuse to piss on someone like that hahaha OP you should have at least out run the old guy lol

AngryNinja 1

... unless he's senile from old age... *sigh* try reading the /whole/ comment.

LtHoward 0

I did read the whole thing lol but he was following around the guy to piss on him, I didn't realize senile people do that, but then again I don't really know any senile people so I don't know how they behave.

AngryNinja 1

senile - showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental function if his mental functions have declined, he might think he's supposed to be pissing on op, causing him to follow op. besides the fact the old man was drunk.

LtHoward 0

Lol, man, that sucks, I wanna get old but no so old I become senile and have to have other people watch out for me and take care of me xD Still weird though since you know.. he considered the OP like a walking toilet I guess? haha I get your point though.

ralphyr 0

AngryNinja you are a dumbass. big difference between senile and drunk. drunk is no excuse to get away with anything. tell that to my dead sister who got killed by a drunk driver.

sugarbabyxoxo 2

pretty sure it was a ****** hobo or something I'd boot his ******* teeth in.

Drunken hobos give hobos a bad name. Anyway, this FML is confusing me. How the hell could you run away yet have a drunk man piss on you and not at all miss? You ran in a straight line? Why didn't you move out of his way, or better yet, turn around shove him away and then beat his arse into the ground? Or at least pissed back. You let him win, dude.

malafacaeous 0

Who gives a damn if he is senile "angry ninja". he chased after op and he deserved to have his face broke. I'll have a senile old man piss on you and see how you like it. Congrats you just made the stupid **** comment of this thread, you should be happy.

AngryNinja 1

you're all total dumbasses. i said he was probably senile AND drunk. you are all complete fucktards. try using all of your damn brain cells.

malafacaeous 0

Yeah but your taking up for this piss fountain and I use as many of my brain cells the government tells me to. It's ashame that soldiers die everyday for folks freedom like yours you ***** riding half wit.

AngryNinja 1

fail at making sense. pull the stick out of your ass and try again.

malafacaeous 0

Here let me spoon feed this to ya, you were giving this op a stupid ****** reason why he should have done nothing to the old man who pissed on him. And if you wanna know what the I only use the number of brain cells the government tells me to I am a marine and I only do what I am instructed which right now is nothing. And I think you have the IQ of a dead weevil. Anything else princess want me to snot your nose and change your diaper damn. Learn how to comprehend what you read shit!

AngryNinja 1

or you could act like you went to ******* school and use some proper grammar. jesus ******* christ, where are the grammar nazis when you need them? here's an order for you: shut. the. ****. up.

malafacaeous 0

Well since you sounded like you were of lower intelligence I thought I might make it easier for that pile of shit you call a brain. But you are obviously out of intelligent things to say so you are just starting to sound child like and just a hint but maybe angry ninja wouldn't be angry anymore if she got herself a girlfriend because I doubt you like dick. Just a thought ya know. And I could introduce you to some Nazis if you like but you wouldn't like them not one bit bitch.

AngryNinja 1

excuse me, i sound like i'm of 'lower intelligence'? what about you, asswipe? you can barely get a proper sentence out. you are obviously a complete hypocrite and a flamer. call up your boyfriend so you can cry on his shoulder. i've heard anal is very comforting. dumbfuckingass.

malafacaeous 0

Whoo I have just been told off by someone who sounds like they are in 10th grade. I am just dumbfounded.

AngryNinja 1

you've read my profile, i'm impressed. you are obviously dumbfounded, seeing as you don't have another response.

Mortoli 30

Actually I can see how he couldn't outrun him. They were inside a bar and/or club. Pretty certain you can't run too fast in either do to crowds lol.

Mortoli 30

Nothing give you the right to hit an elderly it's very childish to think anyone has the right to do so. Now if the guy under 50 I'd say start wailing on the dirt bag. Other wise grow a pair grow up and take it like a man. Then tell him $50 for using the urinal and hope he falls for it. Never said cant take advantage. Lol. Btw marine you really need disciple.

xundria 5

... Someone has a watersports fetish. Next thing you know he's going to try to get in your pants.

gods_hunter10 0

wow two guys one boot. like two girls one cup? o.O

You fail because you couldn't outrun an old drunk with his dick out. What? You got got square wheels on your wheelchair or something?

shouldve beat the crap out of him after all he was drunk

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You deserve it for not standing up for yourself and just taking that shit

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You deserve it. I would have simply kicked him in the nuts...

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then it might spray her in the face : (

The OP is a guy which makes this even more creepy.

haha oh my gosh! i would have been pissed! see this is when you call the "PoPo's" cause i would have either been getring some new boots or someone would have been pickingg up a dead bodyy.