By SplashOuch - 05/01/2010 17:58 - United States

Today, I was walking out of Starbucks when I sneezed, causing coffee to burn my nose. I screamed, dropped it, and sent scorching coffee all over my legs while dropping everything else I was holding. FML
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Natural reactions. Don't you love them?

Lesson is: Never sneeze.


FiddleStikz 0

Ouch :(

Sue them. Maybe you can make a large amount of money. It's the american way!

ZAE06 0

more like Donald Trump

Zedric69 3

they have warnings on the cup so suing them would be difficult

Natural reactions. Don't you love them?

Sonii008 19

Sure do. xD

Lesson is: Never sneeze.

... or never drink coffee ever again

Even Starbucks can be used as a weapon now.

hwkfan1 10

ydi for drinking starbucks bitch no jk that really sucks op

shortie101 0

wow that is sooo fml

tman118 0

ydi for having legs

YDI for being clumsy.

Lol Thats FRICKIN Hillarious!!

Malinkrot 3

wow I'm surprised no emo teenager has said "YDI for going to Starbucks, you slave to the corporate machine" or some other pseudo intellectual BS like that

Erm, "YDI for going to Starbucks, you slave to the corporate machine!" >_>

emoteenlol 0

YDI for going to Starbucks you slave to the idea of not going to caribou! Hi, I'm that emo. heeheehee

pendulum2012 0

Why would I want to help starving children in Africa, they are all conformists

Haha Malinkrot, that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm sure most of the people who clicked "YDI" did so for that reason.

If you mean Chuck Norris, he's out conquering a new galaxy.

pendulum2012 0

yeah one of those conformist assholes spilled their overpriced Starbucks drink on my $70 Hot Topic pants.

this made me cringe. ouch!