By omgn00blolz89 - United States
Today, I was walking my little sister home from the eye doctor. It was raining out so we were kind of in a hurry to get home. We get home and about half an hour later, the cops show up. Apparently, someone saw me walking my sister and called the cops on me thinking I was a child molester. FML
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By  airandfingers  |  0

damn, i clicked "I agree," but then accidentally clicked again on "You deserved that one." -_- I do that sometimes, sorry non-molestor, you didn't deserve it!

By  Panime  |  0

So many people these days are robots. They don't think for themselves, but instead are programed to think certain ways because of what the media drills into them.

By  tipple  |  0

Wow! Talk about paranoid. I'm a bit surprised that the cops showed up.
Either the caller lied a lot to the cops, or the cops went off half-cocked.

There are some nasty people out there with nasty minds that jump to really nasty conclusions *sigh*

By  Somber_fml  |  0

Who's looking out their window going "Hey that person is with a kid, and they look like the kind of person that rapes people. Yep, they definitely look like a sexual predator. WHERE'S MY PHONE?!"

By  SoBlonde_fml  |  0

That is an intense reaction on that person's part. There are so many children walked home by those older than them. What were you doing to your sister to make the situation seem sexual?