By PrinceOfBritain / Thursday 14 May 2015 02:41 / United States - Chesapeake
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By  alex_gen  |  36

Yes, but your phone probably has a tracker on it, and can be reported to the police. Unless the guy keeps the phone turned off indefinitely or disables the tracker, he's basically screwed.

By  legendairy3000  |  16

Ydi for not checking the area for hobos op.

  brand125  |  17

7 - so if the dog ended up needing saving and you had to use your arms to do it and the water was up to your pockets, youd just drop it in the water? sounds like the opposite of treating your phone like a baby, i wouldnt take mine NEAR the water to begin with. please dont ever hold a real baby, then... hopefully you misread the fml

  brand125  |  17

11 - where? please dont ever ever ever be a lifeguard if you take the time to find a hiding spot for things instead of rushing to a potential drowning victim.

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