By anon - United Kingdom
Today, I was walking in the park when I heard some boys shouting behind me. As I turned around they poured a bucket of red liquid over my head. They thought I was someone they knew. I wasn't. And i was wearing a $200 white dress. Red dye doesn't come out of white dresses. FML
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  justynicole  |  0

you're a girl so you can wear pink... if you're not a girl...stop wearing dresses ;) seriously thats no good but either see if they'll pay for it or try to even out the color! :)

  ricojordanrai  |  0

where the fuck are you supposed to where it? most people by dresses for the hot weather because its cooling. if shes going to wearbit, it will be for outside not for being a hermit. you dumbass

  choco3782  |  12

Well why was she wearing a $200 white dress in the park, like you wear expensive dresses to nights out and clubbing and restaurants. You'd wear a cheap summer dress or something to the park

  My2864  |  1

no nato not everyone is so sue-obsessed also this happened in the UK not USA
so sueing wont help since we actually use a law suit when it really applies...
not for burning your mouth on hot coffe you just bought or something dumbassier (lol)
like that....

  devinashley  |  0

#7, I know! what kind of people have the nerve to say she deserved it. those guys a douche bags and I would have kicked them in the balls. they shouldn't be doing that anyways.

I'm sorry OP, I honestly feel horrible for you.

  hubbabubbba  |  0

yaa. ppl just like come on and vote "you totaly deserved it" for all the them. I just read this website thing to kno tht there r worse things thtcculd of happend to me

  Bobby64  |  29

I agree with 194. A park with people jogging and kids playing isn't the best place to wear something so expensive. But I guess it depends on how crowded it was.

Anyway, that still sucks, OP.

  p00p0nt0ast  |  10

Can I just say it might not have been a fancy shmancy dress tat you wear to a party, but a simple summer dress that was suitable for outdoors that just so happened to be expensive! Not every $200 dress is a ball gown!

  turtles4life  |  24

My guess would be that those boys were waiting to prank someone they knew, expecting her to be at that park, and got the wrong person. Not really my idea of a great prank though.

By  magicsparrow  |  0

Bleach will easily get out red dye. Soak the dress in 1 part bleach, 3 parts water. If that doesn't work, add a little more. And run the dress through the washer with detergent and bleach.

It's not the end of the world.

  cecilk  |  29

And considering the price it was quite likely a dress that couldn't be washed. The expensive fabrics are usually the ones that are the most sensitive. A simple cotton dress wouldn't have costed that much unless the designer decided to add 80% for his creative idea.

By  Tucatz  |  0

I hope you caught at least one of them to make his parents pay for a new dress. Had I been there I would have snagged the nearest one and dragged him bodily to the nearest cop.