By kash - 01/06/2015 18:14 - United States - Santa Clara

Today, I was walking home with my boyfriend, when a guy pulled a knife and told us to hand over our money. My boyfriend blurted "I don't have shit, dude! She has tons of cash!" The moment the mugger turned to me, my boyfriend ran away at top speed. FML
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You mean your ex-boyfriend, right!?

Time to ditch him instead.


You mean your ex-boyfriend, right!?

And this is one of those few instances where that comment is actually valid. How could he put you in danger like that?

Please include the details of the breakup in your follow up. What a jerk. So glad you made it out okay. As for the crook, how did that go? Karma won't be good to him.

Now how would the situation fair if it was the GIRL who ran away...?

#77 Are you trying to make it a sexist thing? It's not okay to run away in this situation either way, gender doesn't matter.

Its not fair who ever does that.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the most overused FML comment of all time.

Lol #82 do you really believe people would act the same had it been the girl running?

Amen #103. It is a sexist thing #82. Nonetheless I hope you're ok OP...and that he really is your ex now

I see your point but if the genders were reversed and a girl had said to a mugger "I don't have shit, he has tons of cash!", I'm pretty sure no one would be on her side. People need to stop trying to twist everything to make it about sexism. Telling someone with a knife to go for your partner instead of you is a disgusting and cowardly thing to do no matter what your gender is, and I think most people would agree with me.

#112 Obviously the guy is a dick, but here's where you're wrong. I've seen countless FML's that have had similar reversed rolls or other situations and either the women or men get off when the other gender had not.

i havnt seen these fmls and i think youre exagerating, which is where youre wrong. i would never let her off easy if roles were reversed.

ThatOneChick856 36

There's a difference between getting yourself to safety, and purposely making your partner the victim of a mugger. So no, most people wouldn't find it okay for a girl to purposely put her boyfriend in danger. Stop being one of those idiots who assumes everyone's sexist just because you want to probably want to flaunt your "equal rights" entitlement.

122 is so right. its normal to be scared. but TELLING a mugger to go after your partner is the jerk move. who the fuck does that, man or woman?

Lol #125 if you'd read what I wrote I said the guy was a dick. I never said that the guy wasn't a dick, though I only question how people would act had the roles been reversed, which people would act differently.

#122 Seems you have trouble reading. Let me help you with that; I said the guy was a dick, of course because he is. But that doesn't mean people wouldn't act differently had the roles been reversed. Try again.

129- The point is that people probably wouldn't act differently if the roles were reversed. Like I said, if the fml involved a girl telling a mugger to go for her boyfriend instead of her, I highly doubt that anyone would be defending her.

#132 Though possible, some may figure that's what she probably should have done instead of being mugged with her boyfriend.

ThatOneChick856 36

#129- It seems that I'm not the one who has trouble reading. I never said that you DIDNT think the boyfriend was a dick. I attacked your argument that essentially "most people would be fine if it was reversed" because that's simply wrong. I'm willing to bet 99% of the people here wouldn't actually think it's a-okay for a girl to endanger her boyfriend. (Most) People here are quite intelligent and have common sense, and "don't endanger your partner" AT LEAST falls into the latter category. #133- And now you're just assuming out of literally nothing that people think the OP would/should have done this to her boyfriend but she somehow wasn't as quick as he was. Not everyone in this world is crazy, you know.

#140 you realize that indeed it is probable that most people wouldn't blame the girl for running. Similar things happen often enough to know that people would be a lot more lenient.

most people would get mad at a girl for telling the mugger to attack the guy. dont you see that in your downvotes? he didnt just run, that would have been better. they tried to get their partner hurt. you are the one being sexist

#158 I have to explain this again. Did I say what the guy did is justified? No? Was it implied? No. Your argument is now invalid. Move along.

ThatOneChick856 36

#156- The issue is that you're comparing a real situation of a guy purposely getting his girlfriend targeted by a dangerous criminal to a hypothetical situation of a girl simply running for safety from a mugger. Those are two very different things, and the reason NOT being that the genders are different. THAT'S why 158 emphasized what the boyfriend did. I'd find it slightly more excusable if one of them ONLY made a run for it (the gf OR the bf), but I know I'd personally still find it shitty to leave behind your partner like that no matter what your (or your partner's) gender is. I'd find it even shittier if either of them (despite their gender) threw their partner into harm's way just to escape. But I'm going to hop off this thread now and stop annoying everyone else, since you clearly aren't getting it.

#160 you didn't even make an effort to stay on topic. I wasn't arguing whether it would be better if one would run instead of telling the mugger to get their partner. gg get rekt m80

#160 Seems you have trouble sticking to the original topic. I was never arguing over whether it would be better for someone to just run instead of bringing the attackers attention to them then running.

#164, Wow - you're extremely good at beating around the bush. This entire conversation is just ridiculous on your part.

And yet #176 people like you keep bringing it back around. Thank you for feeding me Seymour, more food can be donated to 1-800-TROLLS-NEEDA-EAT. You can reach us by visiting our website at

You should have said something like "if a girl ran away first because her bf wanted her to or let her, in that situation, people would justify it", but there's no way if a girl screwed over her bf by saying he was the one with money would that EVER fly.

#179 Yes, it would fly for some.

#77 It would be just as bad. He didn't just run off in panic. He deliberately endangered her by turning the mugger on her so he could escape. That would be a douche move no matter who did it.

#132 I want to agree, but then there are people who think OP deserved this. Nevertheless, anyone who condoned a woman who did this would be wrong.

I think there are people who just click YDI on every post. Nobody deserves that.

Time to ditch him instead.

Or time to come at him with a knife and see how he likes it...

OP should have turned the tables and said that her boyfriend was running because he had money. She was broke, and cried like a grandmother to him, about all het miseries. He would have definitely got the boyfriend instead then.

I like how you think

And, now the mugger and OP are dating...

Yup ditch him at top speed.

Wow OP. I think if you were married and had kids with this loser he would give the baby to the mugger and say something like "The small one is worth thousands, take it!"

The sad thing is that I could see this happening. Not necessarily in OP's case, but in general as well.

Hopefully he wasn't your boyfriend much longer after that.

Hopefully, OP returned home safely. Completely.

You're boyfriend should always use protection

Your mother should have as well

The grammar is killing me... you are boyfriend?

And #19 wins by knockout!

#63 Number 19 isn't in this comment thread.

#80, I think #63 meant #20

Obviously you made it out, now find his ass and give him what he has coming to him.

Your boyfriend didn't have money and now he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Peter Griffin did this & it was funny. this wasn't funny. ruin that guys reputation.

Thanks for the ride lady

I'm so sorry this happened to you! I hope you're alright....find a new boyfriend but smack your ex sense before you do so