By Anonymous - 25/08/2019 14:00 - United States

Today, I was walking down the street, wearing nothing offensive, minding my own business, when a car drove past and threw something that hit me really hard in the back of my head. It was a Bible. FML
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“You shall love the Lord ... with all your head.” Check!

sourgirl101 28

They’re not called “Bible thumpers” for nothing.


samomaha 17

Out of all the teachings in the Bible, teachings that touch practically every aspect of our lives, why did one very specfici item, "wearing nothing offensive", spring forward?

In case some idiot decided to say something stupid.

Peaches1914 13

Like your comment

“You shall love the Lord ... with all your head.” Check!

sourgirl101 28

They’re not called “Bible thumpers” for nothing.

This particular case might better be referred to as "Bible-Whackers" as in getting whacked over the head (literally) with said Bible. Then again, the term "whacking" does have a prurient form of usage or two that some might object to directly associating with the (in-this-case, Flying - or Falling?) Word of God.... Lol [--Life-long R/C. Smh....]

This is why people burn churches down :) lookup Nero throwing Christians to the lions and making them into human candles

Rome burned during Nero's time due to crowded vendor tent conditions at Circus Maximus, lack of fire-fighting technology at that point in civilization, prevalent use of wood for housing (not brick/ concrete), overcrowding of housing in general (both in terms of occupancy & minimal distance between building ie, being slums/ ghettos), and ironically (?) just following the Senate's recent rejection of Nero's plans to tear down 1/3 of Rome to build his desired Neropolis. The search for assigning (political) blame commenced after 9 days of fire which burned up 2/3 of Rome....


Doubt it was a Christian who threw the bible at you.

Maybe he just had poor aim/ throwing accuracy and simply didn't lead you enuf like NFL QB [Insert your choice here] would've.... ;-)

Love hurts ... even from the Lord above! LOL! --Life-long R/C [--Channeling RichardPencil] Perhaps the sender wanted OP to be prepared with a personally-preferred-i.e.,-chosen resource ahead of time??? Was anything yelled out during said "drive-by? (lol)" On my college campus, I was once handed a pocket-sized edition of the Gideon Bible. Alas, part-way thru it, one had to turn it upside-down to resume reading it legibly. Then repeat once more later on. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly a big hit or an easily-consulted reference. Lol Perhaps OP's "benefactor" didn't like that particular copy of his Bible for some reason and was simply trying to get rid of it, but OP was literally an innocent bystander er, pedestrian??? So many questions per said provider of God's Word, so few answers.... (If only there was someplace/ some thing to look/ to consult for finding them.... Lol) [--Again channeling The RP....]

So God finally decided to try and smite Bruce. Took long enough. Wonder why it didn't work...

Major_Haywire 7

Only wearing crotch less panties and nipple tassels could, in theory, offend some people

I'm guessing probably a non-Christian threw it. Believers tend to treat their Bibles with respect