By vitalcheese - 20/05/2009 19:12 - United States

Today, I was walking around my house without a shirt on after my shower. I picked up my cat and walked around the corner... Just as my dad turned on the vacuum. Now I have 6 rather deep bloody holes in my shoulder and chest. FML
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i really hope your a guy and that sucks i have a rabbit with really long nails and likes to bite.

#7, you're a twat. Cats have claws, if you don't like it then don't buy a fucking cat. You know, declawing is considered so cruel that it's illegal in the UK and several other European countries. If you genuinely believe it's a minor surgery that causes no suffering and is even remotely justifiable you may wish to do a spot of constructive googling on the matter. -.-


i really hope your a guy and that sucks i have a rabbit with really long nails and likes to bite.

yeah this fml was posted by a guy :)

ooohhhh. tough, man. = /

one of many reasons i hat cats lol

Oh, it got scared and tried to protect itself! Why would you hate cats because of that? OP: That sucks! Happened to my mom when our cat fell in the bathtub... Ya, my mom was in it at the time... Not so pretty

hahahq when i was. kid. my sister was holding the cat that she had gotten for her birthday and the cat shit on her all over her shirt xD

#123 agreed . can't handle the claws then don't get a fucking cat . I have 3 and declawing is purely cruel. it's one of their only defense mechanisms since they obviously can't talk , for fuck sakes .

damn my cat hates the vacuum too

Ow, That has to suck. This is why i don't own cats. Though, I'd love to try cat Yodeling (Its a youtube video) SOMEBODY QUOTE THE NUMBER ON MY POST, IM DESPERATE. Not really, Love to see replies though

ouchhhh I like cats but not cats with claws. you should have them taken off...

Declawing a cat is very try having the majority of your fingernails taken off and see how you like it

fingernails? it's much worse than that. Cats use their claws to hold stuff, to climb and so on. It's more similar to cutting your whole fingers off.

You're a fucking idiot. I like people, but not people without brains

The poor cat!! he was scared!!

Poor cat.. that darn vacuum.

#1 is right, jus hope ur not a girl