By vitalcheese - United States
Today, I was walking around my house without a shirt on after my shower. I picked up my cat and walked around the corner... Just as my dad turned on the vacuum. Now I have 6 rather deep bloody holes in my shoulder and chest. FML
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By  paperfox_fml  |  0

#7, you're a twat. Cats have claws, if you don't like it then don't buy a fucking cat. You know, declawing is considered so cruel that it's illegal in the UK and several other European countries. If you genuinely believe it's a minor surgery that causes no suffering and is even remotely justifiable you may wish to do a spot of constructive googling on the matter. -.-


Oh, it got scared and tried to protect itself! Why would you hate cats because of that?
OP: That sucks! Happened to my mom when our cat fell in the bathtub... Ya, my mom was in it at the time... Not so pretty


#123 agreed . can't handle the claws then don't get a fucking cat . I have 3 and declawing is purely cruel. it's one of their only defense mechanisms since they obviously can't talk , for fuck sakes .

By  GloomySkyz  |  0

Ow, That has to suck. This is why i don't own cats. Though, I'd love to try cat Yodeling (Its a youtube video)

SOMEBODY QUOTE THE NUMBER ON MY POST, IM DESPERATE. Not really, Love to see replies though