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  MrSassypants  |  32

Comment Moderated by Mr.Sassypants. Do I get bonus points because inmoderated my disturbing coments which would've got trolls to go on my side and trollol?

12- I never knew you were a mod! Or maybe you're tricking me because you're a grammer Nazi and if you were a mod you would've edited the poorly written comments wouldn't have you? (Like mine)

  princev  |  0

one time me and my friend both took shits and clogged the mcdonalds bathroom, he them peed on the toilet paper and floor, and I jacked off and blew my load all over the toilet seat.

By  mskake  |  0

Haha you were going in there to do the same thing, he just beat you to it. Gross though. Maybe run in the gas station and buy some air freshener, lol.