By slingshot - 7/9/2010 05:53 - United States
Today, I was waiting to speak to a customer service salesman in a store. To pass time, I was playing with a rubber band. The rubber band shot off and hit the salesman smack in the face. FML
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  mshooter  |  0


I think you're the whiney 13 year old that gets into a hissy fit because I mistakenly put an extra letter next to the 4. Have fun sleeping tonight knowing this mistake is your biggest accomplishment in your sad and very pathetic life.

  Sonfang  |  19

Because playing with rubber bands is s favorite pass time of fidgeters...I know being a fidgeter, and sometimes it happens to fly off. Meh OP just apologize it's not like you meant for it to hit the sales associate, s/he should be understanding.