By slingshot - 07/09/2010 05:53 - United States

Today, I was waiting to speak to a customer service salesman in a store. To pass time, I was playing with a rubber band. The rubber band shot off and hit the salesman smack in the face. FML
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haha fluke shot? idk. was salesman pissed or anything?

I felt the pain from my new iPhone4G by Apple.

dumbass it's called iPhone4. not 4g or 4gs or whatever your 13 year old ass thinks of it

#8: You won the internets. Although it's iPhone 4, not iPhone4

now your playing with rubber

well, at least he'll know not to b.s. you or he'll get fumbled by rubber bands

Now you're playing with rubber.

BOOM Headshot!!!

Today, a customer got bored and ended up flicking a rubber band in my face. FML.

#8 I think you're the whiney 13 year old that gets into a hissy fit because I mistakenly put an extra letter next to the 4. Have fun sleeping tonight knowing this mistake is your biggest accomplishment in your sad and very pathetic life.

I have a 7 inch penis :)

I don't have a penis... I have a tail though......

lol mshooter is gay! screw you mshooter!

41 thank you that's how I feel about all grammar Nazis though, oh... please correct me guys!

Wow. this FML made me laugh so hard Ydi

no you don't, go back to sleep

Turn around, and glare at another customer.

Bulls-Eye 10 points!!!

Nothing says "hurry up", like a rubber band to the face.

This is why you shouldn't play with rubber bands! They are serious weapons! FHL, because that hurts.

and how is this a FML? did you at least get kicked out of the store?

ydi for asking a salesman for help, they have an app for everything !!

haha in THE FACE

at least you didn't hit him down there..

ahaha. that would have been more funnier as an fml.

Well, the face would have hurt more because he was wearing pants and (hopefully) underwear.

Was it a knife silly band?

ydi! why wud u play around with a rubber band?

why would u have a picture of miley??!

she could be one of the girls in the background of the picture

Because playing with rubber bands is s favorite pass time of fidgeters...I know being a fidgeter, and sometimes it happens to fly off. Meh OP just apologize it's not like you meant for it to hit the sales associate, s/he should be understanding.