By charliesangel123 - 21/02/2010 17:16 - United Kingdom

Today, I was waiting downstairs at my boyfriend's house as he got ready to go. His mom came over and said she was so glad her son had met me, that I made him really happy. I smiled thinking how nice that was of her to say. She then continued, "Still, he tells me anal is a no?" FML
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aedeckert 0

his mom sounds VERY involved in his sex life


Then go anal Biatchhhhhhh

wtf I think it's soo weird when parents no about their teenagers sex life. and don't listen to this people don't do it if you don't want to. I mean I guess you could try it once or twice then if you don't like it don't continue I've done anal on myself and don't think it feels good honestly. feels like when your taking a shit but reversed

PsychoMerk 0

but the feeling after you take a shit is great D:

Ajjas013 6

Wiggling it around in excrement :)

I'm still stuck on the "anal on [myself]" part.

Ajjas, win reference. :) "Is that normal? Would you let someone do that to you?"

BritneyBiohazard 0

lmfao. 27. your parents must be so proud.

YeahFMLxX 0

Try sitting on your hand untill it falls asleep.. Follow up with the "stranger" for starters.

Ajjas013 6

Intoxicunt wins for completing the refrence :) and being cool enough to watch =3

I'm going to marry RWJ. Ajjas, I can NOT fucking believe I'm not on your profile list of cool people! D:

you've done anal on "yourself". desperate much

@39 haha [RWJ] and to OP, just tell her that you don't like it, and if she argues, just say "two camels in a tiny car" :)

What about :'You're fake and gay and I'm doin' your mom!'

kniickles 0

lol gunta I love two camels in a tiny car

tweetbaby14 18

really 27 no one cares that you can't get guys so you have to get off on your own and I can see why guys won't talk to you if you have shit-fingers... don't touch anything ever

texasmadeG 0

#37 is so fucking pretty!:D

haha I saw that vid. lol. gay butt sex

ha that's what she said

honestlove11 0

haha two camels in a tiny car!

I love how this has turned to an =3 convo. =P Squaids is now airborne, btw.

that's.... disturbing ozzy

some1hones 0

fake and gay lol

hshahahah that shit was hilarious

bahahahhaha. WTF. man that's too much info for a parent. leave the anal and the camel toe convo off of the family dinner chat. bahahah.

not quite fake and gay, but misleading and bisexual.

I think mfmylifesrsly is pretty hot

it's different when it's getting done to you. from what I hear.

yeah she is.

ydi for not taking it in the butt

ecko_7672 0

im scared to pull my penis out only to find it smoothered with crap D: therefore, no anal with my girlfriend

lol 39, raywilliamjohnson ftw

Guys! can we please stop trollin' this page??? just saying ;)

hahah, i love RWJ :)

i think #27 is hott so i dont get y she had to do anal on herself?

drewrox 0


haha takein a shit is great.. that made me laugh

lmaoooooooooo at ur comment on anal sex lololl

i don't understand why it's aparently better to fuck a girl in the ass rather than the vagina. is it really that big of a deal????????

^u got that from the soup. bahahah

josh64 0

I would fuck 27 in the ass

it's tighter

AnnaAllOver 0

wtff. do you think you're cool or something?! "I did anal on myself" first off; NO ONE CARES. no one wants to hear that because that's just disturbing. and just.. not right. second; wtff, do you think youre cool by just telling the entire Internet that you " did anal on yourself but it felt like the opposite of taking a shit." there are some things that just ARENT public. some things you should seriously keep to yourself. like, don't even tell your friends that shit man. t m i .

neonblue120 6

ur doing it wrong I can help with that MORE LUBE STAT :P

your just jealous because you don't have a girlfriend

hobobagins09 0

yexas i take it you are high right know 0.o

rasellersjr 0

I'm behind you on that one dude.... wait, didn't mean it in that context D= that sounded really gay...

omg ^. the dog In that pic Is exactly like my new one. same white chest and face!

brt3420 13

so much tighter

#115 just make her clean it off - with her mouth - if that happens

aedeckert 0

his mom sounds VERY involved in his sex life

do20ss 4

for real, and if threesomes is what he needs....give it to him don't b like most girls:)

WTF freak of a mother. either that or she HATES u

kawaiimaui 0


Anal is a no? If his mom knows and you want to keep him, you'd better turn that into a yes! It's obviously important to him.

Why? Give it up already!

hahaha.. why is it a no? other then pain

TurtleLightning 7

Pain is small

tcbailey 0

does mom like anal??? maybe they should have a heart to anal talk and hook up?!?!?

Yeah, lighten up!

hey fuck you! all Arkansas people aren't dumb.

sublime93 0

lol at #31's avatar

yeah... listen 2 him! he said anal is a great pleasure! lmoa and actually it is!

srwalker155210 0

Fake, fake, fake.

allen20 0

Yepp this is fake

Averizzle 0


who cares if it's fake? it's funny.

ALiiiii 0

umm mama's boy

If he's willing to lick it you should let him stick it.

Well as long as she takes a shower beforehand...

that's stupid, he should understand that you don't want to do anal and go cry to his mommy about it. fag