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Today, I was visiting my grandmother's house. She keeps the thermostat on 85 and after about 30 minutes I explained to her "I'm going to have to leave, it's just too hot in here". She replied: "You think it's hot in here, wait until you get to hell." I laughed. She didn't. FML
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wow nice but sry thats hilarious.

tell her in detail what you do to sexy men you like.


wow nice but sry thats hilarious.

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I agree lmao

tell her in detail what you do to sexy men you like.

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and this is a fml because........?

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Don't worry, I would've laughed too:D

#3: OP's grandmother said that they would go to hell. haha #2

WTF? Crazy grandma.


You've gotta love sweet old jesus freaks.

that really isnt a **** my life moment. its more of a "oh my grandma is cenile, inheritance is coming soon" moment. shoulda told the old bat that at least youve got another century before you see her there

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YES!!!!!! LOL

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Well, if you're not Christian and your grandma is, then that's a very real concern in her eyes. In a less introspective view, lets go to the general: There is always a chance that some form of creationism/religion is true. As we all know, darwinism has many flaws, and most of the examples in textbooks today are false- the peppered moth example, the embryo drawings, most fossils were proven to be fakes.... etc etc. So your grandma in your eyes is being really mean and horribly blunt, to the point of you being offended and possibly scared. But in her eyes (and possibly in reality), she is saving you from eternity (which is trillions of trillions of years) in the hottest, most torturous place imaginable. ================ In conclusion, don't automatically assume that God isn't real, and your grandma is wack-o. She would be wacko (or at least contradictory) to be a practicing christian AND THEN NOT try to at least convince you to try Christianity out for a spin! I mean, if she honestly believes that, it would mean she DIDNT CARE if you went to hell, if she was silent! So you can realize 3 things from this: 1) you are just as closed-minded as your grandma, so you can't judge her. You accept the religion of darwinism/naturalism just as quickly as she accepts the religion of christianity. (I say religion because neither is proven, and both have some evidence for them.) 2) The fact that she is a true, practicing Christian OBLIGATES her to work to turn you and all those she cares about to "the side of God and Jesus", because in her view at least, that is saving you from certain eternity in a torturous pit of fire. 3) You may be right about what you believe, and you may be wrong... =================== Would you rather live your life as if there is a God, and find out there isn't... or live your life as if there isn't a God, and find out there IS ONE? On that monumental, epic note, I leave you to your thoughts. I pray that you pray. I'm a Christian, and of course I have my doubts about it, but common logic (which liberals adore so much) simple helps prove my point, that it statistically makes you SAFER (and also a better, more moral person) to both believe and follow the Bible, at least the new testament about loving God and others.