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Today, I was visiting my boyfriend, who lives 2 hours away. After about twenty minutes of glorious sex, he told me in no uncertain terms that he was about to come. He then "baaa"d like a sheep as he came. I couldn't come after that. FML
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your boyfriend must think you look like a sheep. I hope you are pregnant now *****.

Op I'm sure he was just kidding around. No need to get so hoarse, you'll make him feel sheepish. Sure, it was a baaad move on his part, but I'm gonna go out on a lamb and say you should forgive him. Don't be a chicken though, you need to stand up to his bull!

58=epic win. rino what you did there

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Ha ha, 58 actually made me laugh out loud. :D I'm surprised no one else commented on that...

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hahahahaha I'm suprised nobody thought of that. lol

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hmm, this reminds me of the FML where some chicks boyfriend "meowed" when he came.

hippo, hippo, horay for 58... sorry, couldn't resist

That was hysterical @ #58.... I'm having a shitty day and I smiled because of this

He baaa'd 'like a sheep'? What else would he baaaaaaa like? A ******* cow?

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OP was fantasizing about his recent trip to New Zealand.

laaaaawl sheep laaaawl pwned anyways why did the sheep turn you off that much :s

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op I don't think anyone can cum after that rofl

@FunkyMonk, why do you say she's a *****? because she's having sex with her boyfriend? they've probably been together a long time to have sex dumbass.

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Aww, I'm sorry OP. It's fun every once and a while to be silly during sex, but not when you've not seen each other in so long. You'll just have to make up for it later ;)

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haha you should do the same thing when one of his friends comes over

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It can be spelled both ways.

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lol don't you love correcting people who try to correct?

number 16, I think you meant, "meant." the period is on the inside of the quotations. :D

#99 uhmmm no. #16 was right. the period should be outside it should only be on the inside if it was #7's last word which isn't . haha just saying! lol we're such grammar nazis it's just a website people :)

104 - In the English language, punctuation is always inside the quotation marks, even if it doesn't make much sense.

I'm an English major and if it's not a quote to the end of the sentence the period goes after the parenthesis. In fact according to MLA format, the correct way to document a correction if you are quoting it is to use brackets. In any case they were not quoting them but fixing it but it still would not have a period in the correction because that would mean the correction included the period. :)

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They're not parentheses, they're quotation marks.

"come" is correct. "cum" is slang, but also correct. also, as everyone else had said, don't correct someone if you can't spell the word "meant"

The punctuation in or out of quotation marks issue varies by region. The British English rules are different than the American English rules. pendatik's usage was correct, since he's English.

110 - you fail as an English major then.... these " " are quotation marks, not parenthesis, those look like this ( ). also, I'm aware my grammar in this comment was far from perfect, I'm on my itouch and it's nearly 6am.

if it's nearly 6am than why does it say you posted it at 12:22 ?

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maybe if u learn to spell it you'll be able to do it..

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Maybe if you learn how to spell "you" correctly, someone will take your comment seriously. Seriously.

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They just need some push through the fence that's all

I love BMTH and I love your picture! =D

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#12's picture is of Chelsea Grin's self-titled album's cover and CG is better than BMTH haha