By Anonymous - 27/02/2012 12:36 - Australia

Today, I was very cold and tired, so I took a shower to warm up and went to bed. The minute I hopped into bed, it collapsed and broke. I have spent half-an-hour rearranging furniture to get the mattress on to the floor. Now I'm cold again. FML
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Go sleep on the couch or something it's not that bad!

I would have said fuck it and slept on the floor or something.


Go sleep on the couch or something it's not that bad!

On the bright side, your clean.

Why couldn't he just turn on and open the oven?

LOL Who the fuck down votes that ^^, are people really that stupid? Ovens generate heat, my god...

Ya they also set fire to your house

If someone is that retarded, there's no way they could ever afford one in the first place.

Umm no actually ovens are basic equipment that usually comes with the house and if you are commenting on OPs IQ level I think you should be checking your own

Sounds like you had a pretty bad day. Fyl buddy

-52 someone as retarded as you or?..

I'm commenting on how people are so stupid as to not simply turn on the oven and let it warm up the house. Jesus 0 common sense from everyone , *facepalm*

If someone is retarded enough to set fire to his own house by in oven, it would be a fucking miracle if someone like that can afford a house in the first place.

You should have worked up your body temp doing all the furniture moving, can't be that bad.

Ya and he/she could easily take another shower!!! I've been in that situation before, my mom keeps the house freezing cold.

My thoughts exactly. Op must be cold blooded if he/she doesn't warm up with half an hour of moving stuff about. Lizard man/lady maybe?

Or they have an iron deficiency. Not that uncommon.

I would have said fuck it and slept on the floor or something.

Lol i would have said exactly the same :£

I would have slept on the bed on the ground. Mwuaha!

Yeah that would have been an option too lol

Trying warmer clothes, a heater, moving around, closing windows, turning off the A/C and fans, and get a better bed. A Snuggie (cult robe) might also be what you need.

Snuggies are the bomb! I have one. Best purchase of 2011 :)

My feet always stick out from the bottom.

Snuggies are ugly and evil

YDI, you could have slept on the couch or another bed (if you have one)

I'm sure if they had that option, it would've been done.

Not necessarily

-5 I don't think OP deserves it. If they had the option of a extra bed they would of just gone and slept in it and maybe they live with roommates and they couldn't go sleep on the couch.

Layer yourself with a bunch of clothes and then put a thick blanket over yourself.

Wouldn't rearranging furniture warm you up?

Take another shower? Or turn on the oven if you have one, that'll heat up the room.

I mean, if you call setting your house on fire "warming it up", go for it.

We've actually done that a few times, leave it cracked open and turned on 200 for 15-20 minutes... Our heater sucks, and as long as you stay close enough to pay attention, dont let any pets/kids in the kitchen, and don't forget about it, no problems!

What exactly is wrong with turning on the oven? As long as you don't leave your house with it on and don't leave it on all day it'll be fine.

Buy a snuggie them things are hot!!!

Burn the bed for heat and go get a new one....