By ToiletTony - United States
Today, I was using the bathroom in a department store. When I was finished, I couldn't get the stall door open. I am claustrophobic and I freaked out and and started shouting for help. A 6 year old boy got the door open for me. It turns out I was pushing when I should have been pulling. FML
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By  ely46  |  0

I gave you a FYL. If this is true then you are such an amazing idiot. Your life is fucked because of your shear stupidity. Hopefully, there is some explanation for how you were unable to complete one of the most simple tasks in life. Did you receive some sort of brain trauma? That would be the only way to explain this without you being a future winner of a Darwin Award.

  Skarvig  |  0

Kids gather round we will talk about Skitt's law. Our friend penizulaface gives us a very good example how it works. Skitt's law says that if one person does a grammar flame he will automatically have grammar errors. Now we will learn something about capitalization. For example : An I is always capitalized, the word after a full stop is also always capitalized. Penizulaface does neither of theses things. He is a stupid little brat who thinks that he's a smartass but fails at an immense level.

Thank you penizulaface, you are an idiot.